A Dogs Prayer

A Dogs Prayer Poster

A Dogs Prayer


Please offer this prayer for mercy to God for the homeless animals of America and this world. I pray this daily. If we pray this together I know God and Jesus will hear us. For as we have been taught, when two or more are gathered in his name he is with us.

Dear Lord I come before you today a humble and homeless dog and ask for your Mercy.

I come before you today in your house of worship and ask you to pray for me.

I ask you show Mercy on me and all by brethren Animals.

You God created us and love us.

You created human animals and love them as well.

We animals know that in your mind we have all been created equal.

You give your love equally to all that you have created.

We ask you God, please open the hearts of your women and men to love us animals as well.

Only you God can help us the homeless animals.

Only you God can open human hearts to bring us into their homes.

Only you God can end the killing of my brethren animals.

God bring your Mercy to us.

Bring your Mercy and Forgiveness to the humans who abuse us.

Bring your Mercy so we animals can live in peace and love with our human brethren.

We pray for this in your name.

We go in peace.


author, Steven Monahan