Artist's Manifesto 2017 by Steven Monahan

Artist’s Manifesto 2017 by Steven Monahan

artists manifestoArtist’s Manifesto 2017 by Steven Monahan: As an artist you are a communicator of thought through words and visuals. And as a communicator, writer, or artist your purpose, your assignment, your challenge, or agony as it may be, is to communicate to those, in these times of transition who chose to remain deaf. To reach those who chose to remain unreachable, to bring hope to those who drown in hopelessness, to take people into deep waters when they prefer to remain in the shallow’s and to move society forward when it prefers to stay where it is.

Steven Monahan is an author, artist and antagonist to apathy and fear. Steven has published numerous books including the top 25 business and money book on Amazon today: The One Thing 66 Day Workbook. Website @


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Steven Monahan

Animal welfare thought leader. My writings and books are a reflection of my beliefs on the interconnected genius of life. I was an introverted teen who broke open his shell and morphed into a successful corporate executive, then death survivor, then entrepreneur and now author and mentor. I believe we are each here for a wonderfully unique reason. Our quest is to follow where ever the path leads, in awe of the visions and the people we meet along the way.