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Hi, I’m Steven Monahan –  CEO Black Swan Marketing: Business start-up & growth expert. SteveMonahan 200x250

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur I was a corporate executive with three of the largest global fortune 500 firms. I left the corporate race 10 years ago and became a self-reliant entrepreneur, an author of 5 books, founder of Black Swan Marketing & Publishing Company and a Master Mind Group leader.

Oh, and did I mention 10 years ago I was given 3 months to live. I obviously survived and I write about it in my book, Awakening the Mysterious Feminine.

I have learned quite a lot the past 10 years as an entrepreneur, blogger, published author, publisher and self-reliance coach.  The world has changed rapidly in the past 10 years. It is becoming more important that people take charge of their careers and lives. Jobs are harder to come by. At the same time amazing breakthroughs and discoveries are occurring. It is an exhilarating time to be alive.

I created this blog to help people step into this new world with boldness and become self-reliant and create their own businesses. I almost died with my flame for life still in me. I now work to help people become bloggers and authors to express their unique gifts and purpose for being here. Blogging and publishing your own books helps you do that and share it all with the world. A world in need of uplifting and positive energy.

Our blog teaches how to start a business, grow your existing business and use unique marketing in various ways, including blogging and publishing your own book. We teach how to create a blog and business website on WordPress. We teach tactical marketing and how do smart social media, write a non-fiction  book, self-publish it, or have us publish it for you on Amazon Books and other top book retailers, nationally and globally. We can will also teach or help you market it… and everything in between. Now if that sounds like something you are interested in,or want to publish a book then  follow our blog each week at


Steven Monahan, CEO Black Swan Marketing: Business start-up & growth expert. Author, publisher, non-profit leader.

Steven Monahan