War or Peace a time to chose

War or Peace a time to choose.

Today you stand at the threshold.

Is this the time to tear apart,

or the time to mend,

the time to be silent

or the time to speak,

the time to love

or the time to hate,

the time for war,

or the time for peace.

Where do stand?

What Will You do?

War or Peace a time to chose


Human evolution has two steps

Human evolution has two steps – from being somebody to being nobody;

and from being nobody to being everybody.

Only will this knowledge will bring sharing and care throughout the world.

 Human evolution has two steps: Steven MonahanHuman evolution has two steps

Broken world, sad little girl, a tear by Steven Monahan

broken world

Broken world: sad little girl, a tear. A tear dropped from her eye. I said Kaitlin what’s the matter? She said grandpa I don’t know. She said I just feel sad. I asked her why. She said because Mommy is sad. Oh, I said and why is Mommy sad. Mommy said the world is broken.

I knew what she meant. When I was born it was a broken world as well. I was born at the end of World War 11 and the whole wide world was broken. I was too young to know why, but I felt sad just like Kaitlin. Why was I sad? because my mom was sad that the world was broken. And I was also mad. Why was I mad? because my Dad was mad the world was broken.

Seems when we are children we feel what our mothers and fathers feel. We don’t know why things are broken, we just feel them. As children we live from our hearts and not our heads. As Mom and Dad’s we sometimes live more from our heads and not our hearts.

Kaitlin then asked me, will everything be OK?  Will it always be a broken world, will the world stop being broken?  I said when I was a little boy her age the world was broken as well. And it got fixed. It got put back together again. And one day it will get put back together for her as well. She asked when will it get together again? I said we never know when, but keep believing, keep praying and one day it will.

I said since the world was born it always breaks and then it gets put back together again. And every time it gets put back again, it becomes better that before it broke.

Broken World: Steven Monahan is an author, artist and antagonist to apathy and fear.

Steven Monahan has published numerous books including the top 25 business and money book on Amazon: The One Thing 66 Day Workbook.

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