Trump Make domestic abuse on women and their dogs a felony

President Trump. You state you love women. I believe you. This past week you have signed many Executive Orders. Continue to be bold. Do what no president has done before. Sign an Executive Order this week to save the lives of women.

President Trump make all domestic violence on women and their dogs a no plea bargain, Domestic Violence Felony, not a Misdemeanor domestic violence charge.

I have been in animal welfare for over 10 years. I have seen the sad and vicious pattern. It is always the same. First the man severely abuses his family dog to frighten and control his wife. Then as he gets bolder and madder he escalates the violence and physically abuses his wife as well. The police are called to the house often. Nothing happens. Then again the  police are called. Then perhaps a restraining order, The abuse continues. The police come again. This time perhaps he is charged with perhaps a misdemeanor domestic violence charge. He pays a fine. His record is clean. But the physical and deep seeded emotional abuse escalates. And then he really blow up and does severe injury to his wife and the dog.

Then the dog and the woman leave. They are homeless, both in shelters. The injured dog is in a county animal shelter. The physically and mentally injured and abused woman is in a nonprofit women’s shelter. Most women’s shelters do not allow dogs. So, the abused woman and her abused dog, the only one who loves her are separated and torn apart: just when they need each other the most they are split up.  Some women will not be separated from their dog, so the woman and dog run away. They flee to live homeless on the streets. Alone, unloved and abandoned by society. Why are they punished?  They are the victims, not the criminals.

President Trump, you can change this with your signature on an Executive Order. If you will not advocate for domestic abused women and their dogs then who will? If you do not pass an Executive Order, making domestic violence on women and their dogs a Felony Domestic Violence offense in all cases who will? If not today, then when will women and their animals be safe? President Trump you have the ability, and I trust the bold courage to ensure that women and their dogs live in safety.

Domestic violence can be classified as either a felony or a misdemeanor depending on the seriousness of the incident. Felony domestic violence is a very serious offense leading to legal consequences such as heavy fines, possible time in prison, and a protection order. Misdemeanor domestic violence usually results is a slap on the wrist and a minor fine. 

In 2017 in America women and their companion dogs should no longer live in fear of abusive men.

Trump Make domestic abuse on women and their dogs a felony is written by Steven Monahan,Writer and author on love, outside the box thinking, women and self-empowerment. Founder Green Pets America Charities.

Trump Make domestic abuse on women and their dogs a felony