Coaching and Mentoring – the difference

Coaching and Mentoring – the difference

Coaching and Mentoring – the difference. Simply put coaching and mentoring use the same skills and approach… but coaching is short-term task-based, mentoring is a longer-term broad-based.

The difference can be summarized as follows:

  • Mentoring – ongoing relationship that can last for a long period of time.
  • Coaching – has a set time duration.
  • Mentoring – more informal and meetings take place when the mentee needs some advice, guidance or support.
  • Coaching – more structured and meetings are scheduled on a regular basis
  • Mentoring – long-term and take a holistic view of the person’s life and business.
  • Coaching – short-term and focused on specific development areas/issues.
  • Mentoring – Mentor is more experienced, generally older and more qualified than the mentee. Mentor passes on knowledge, experience and may open doors to otherwise out-of-reach opportunities for the mentee.
  • Coaching – the coach does not need to have direct experience of their client’s formal occupational role unless the coaching is specific and skills-focused.
  • Mentor – focus is on broad career and personal development.
  • Coaching – generally specific to improving the performance or expanding opportunities.
  • Mentor – agenda is set by the mentee.
  • Coaching – agenda is set by the coach.
  • Mentoring resolves more around developing the mentee’s larger view on work and life.
  • Coaching revolves more around specific development areas.
  • Mentor – helping to shape an individual’s beliefs and values in a positive way; often a long-term relationship with someone who has done it before.

Note: Coaching and Mentoring are not Counselling. Counselling is a more intervention focused on helping an individual address underlying psychological problems. Counselling is a broader focus and greater depth. Counselling is to help people understand the root causes of long-standing performance problems/issues in their life. Counseling seeks to resolve underlying psychological problems.

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