Constitution of the United States of America

the constitution of the united states of america

The Constitution of the United States of America and the Declaration of Independence. Now on Amazon for $7.76

With so much rhetoric going on in politics today it is vital that all Americans should be well-informed on what makes America so special and important in this world.

We have created this convenient edition of The Constitution of the United States and The Declaration of Independence, America’s two most important documents in their entirety for Adults, Children, Schools, Colleges, Civic Groups and everyone to enjoy and understand what America stands for in this world.

We are funding part of the cost ourselves, as we feel it is so important in this coming election that we chose well a President who will honor and strengthen these most important two documents in America…and indeed in the world.

This is not a typical small book as most. It is a beautiful full size 5 x 8 book with large print for easy reading. Beautiful 7 color gloss cover. Proudly display this Special Edition, on your desk at home, and work and cocktail table for guests to see and discuss.

We hope you will purchase it, read it, be re-inspired by it and purchase additional copies to donate to our local schools, colleges, libraries and civic organizations.

This may be the most important election for America and all citizens need to know and advocate for these two American documents that say who we are and what America represents to the world.

Even though our children cannot vote they should all be able to read these founding documents. Our children are our future. If our schools will not teach them about the greatness of America then you and I must step up and do it.

We have priced this at only $7.76 so all can purchase and donate.

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