Foods To Eliminate For Good Health

I practice Zen thinking.

  • We Are What We Think.
  • We Are What We Do.
  • We Are What We Eat.

Lets focus right now on What We Eat. More to the point, what not to eat.

If you know what not to eat, pretty much everything else falls easily into place.

Twelve years ago the doctors told me I had but a few months to live. That was not “What I Thought”

‘What I Thought” prevailed, just as what you think will prevail…for good or bad in your life.

Although, in life good or bad is just a judgment of the ego and not of the real.

I have practiced proper eating, proper thinking and proper doing for 12 years now.

Here are the foods one may choose to eliminate from their eating if they desire good health and much happiness.

You are the chooser of your life. I tell no one what to choose. I offer this to you with love. Act as you choose.

Foods To Eliminate For Good Health

Meat, animal fat, eggs, poultry, dairy products (including butter, yogurt, ice cream, milk and cheese), refined sugars, chocolate, vanilla, molasses, honey.

Tropical or semi-tropical fruits and fruit juices, soda, artificial drinks and beverages, coffee, aromatic stimulating teas such as mint or peppermint.

Artificially colored, preserved, sprayed, or chemically treated foods. Refined and polished grains, flours, and their derivatives, mass-produced food including canned, frozen, and irradiated foods.

Hot spices, aromatic stimulating food, strong alcoholic beverages.

Foods that upset your body, or upset your mind.

Remember: We become in the physical.

  • What We Think.
  • What We Eat.
  • What We Do.


Foods To Eliminate For Good Health

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