How to get a high paying job. There are 5 steps to success in getting a high paying job, or for that matter anything else you desire.


  1. Choice of a definite position or objective. You must pick your One Thing.
  2. Development of sufficient will power and resolve to attain your position or objective.
  3. Perfection of a written practical plan for attaining your job position or One Thing.
  4. Accumulation of specialized knowledge to be a master at your position.
  5. A dogged persistence in carrying out your plan.

Remember that you cannot succeed in whatever you chose to do unless you begin with a crystal clear purpose, a definite aim and a well thought out One Thing that you will do anything to achieve.

Steven Monahan is a former fortune 100 Senior Executive. He is CEO of the Steven Monahan Companies, which include Steven Monahan Executive Search & Coaching, Atlanta GA. and Black Swan Publishing, Atlanta GA.

Steven is author of five books including top 50 Business & Career Book – The One Thing 66 Day Workbook.

Steven Monahan Author One Thing 66 Day Workbook
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CEO FinTech Wealth Group, Atlanta, GA. Former Fortune 100 Financial Executive. Author of #38 money-careers book the ONE THING WORKBOOK.