The One Thing book by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan is the top-selling business book today. I have read it twice. What the book was missing for me however  was a powerful Workbook to put all of its teachings into action.

As a successful serial entrepreneur I knew that to follow through on my personal intent and achieve my top One Thing for 2017 I would have to create a framework that would laser focus me on my desire, until it was achieved. I was ready for a big change.

I knew that this was not just a book to read, then put on my shelf and soon lose its powerful lesson. All too often we read a great book, or go to a powerful seminar and then it ends there. We do not follow through. We do not create a habit based on the message of the book or of the seminar.

So to shed my old chasing shiny objects habit of shifting focus often and replace it with a new habit of staying focused on my primary one thing, I created a plan. Part of that plan was a set of questions to ask and answer myself each day. Why? because science and psychology has clearly demonstrated that we can rewire our brain patterns and change our habits in 66 days. Some people take longer, some can do it in less than 66 days.

I learned that these 5 questions, done for 66 days held me accountable, kept me focused on my success plan, actually changed my brain pattern, and created a new success habit. And with it I achieved my ONE THING… in just a few months.  You too can master this book and create a One Thing habit. Purchase the One Thing 66 Day Workbook.

Do not lose this opportunity to make 2017 your best year ever. Create a One Thing Habit over the next 66 days. Do not put this off and do not self-sabotage yourself again.


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CEO FinTech Wealth Group, Atlanta, GA. Former Fortune 100 Financial Executive. Author of #38 money-careers book the ONE THING WORKBOOK.