6 Things You Must Create to Market Your Book

6 Things You Must Create to Market Your Book from Black Swan Publishing:

You’ve written and published your book. Now comes the fun part, marketing it.

Writers are good at writing a book, but frankly, not so good at marketing it. In the publishing industry authors generally do not write their own marketing copy. Writing marketing copy is much different than writing a book, and it requires different writing skills. We suggest you hire a professional copywriter to do that. [ At Black Swan Publishing we can do that for you if you do not know a good copywriter.}

Here are the 6 things a copywriter can help you with.

The goal of marketing copy is to sell the book. Because authors are emotionally invested in their books, it can be difficult for them to objectively write copy that will successfully market their books. Copywriters bring professional experience in crafting strategic marketing copy to attract readers.


  1. A Tagline that serves as a quick, one-line marketing pitch for your target audience.
  1. A BISAC Category (Book Industry Standards and Communications category) based on your book’s genre that is used by the book-selling industry to identify and group your book by its subject matter.
  2. Five Keywords based on your book’s genre and themes that help improve discoverability on Amazon.com.
  3. A Book Description that displays on your book’s Amazon.com detail page and highlights your book’s major marketable themes.
  4. Back Cover Text that grabs readers’ attention and sets your book apart from others in the market.
  5. An Author Biography that shares your background and establishes your credibility as an author.


If we can help you publish your book, or anything else in that area please, drop me an email. Love to meet you at Starbucks, share a coffee and learn about your book idea.

Steven Monahan,

CEO Black Swan Publishing, Atlanta Georgia


6 Things You Must Create to Market Your Book


Books on Dogs

Books on Dogs

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This book is great for those who want to help and get the … This book is great for those who want to help and get the word out about opening and supporting no-kill shelters. If we raise awareness, then we can start changing the world to make it a better place for us and our animals!!! 


This is a wonderful book about rescuing animals from shelters… There is a wonderful chapter by Leecy Madison, women’s author, about her work at the Pentagon after 9/11 with her DSR therapy dog, Shiva It’s about saving animals from shelters and the wonderful work pets do for us to enrich our lives.

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Rescue Renew Rehome

Published by Black Swan Publishing, Atlanta Ga.

Self Publishing Atlanta Ga.

Looking for quality self-publishing in Atlanta Ga.? Look no further than Black Swan Publishing. BLACK SWAN PUBLISHING Atlanta, GA is helping Atlanta’s creatives publish their prized books at a reasonable price. The whole process can be done in 30 to 45 days depending on the size of the book. And once the publishing costs are paid you then pay only for each book ordered.

The whole process can be done in 30 to 45 days depending on the size of the book. And once the publishing costs are paid you then pay only for each book ordered.

Steve Monahan, CEO of Black Swan Publishing is a writer and published author himself.

Steve learned to outfox the gatekeepers at the few remaining old line, un-creative publishing houses in New York to publish his own books. Many of the worlds best authors are now using the creative and timely services of self-publishing as well.

Under Steven’s direction as an artist and author himself, Steven created Black Swan Publishing to take the concept of bespoke self-publishing to the highest level. He started publishing his books, then books for his writer friends and now he publishes globally for those wanting to publish their book: be it fiction or non-fiction, business, self-help, or murder mystery.

Bespoke: Something commissioned to a particular specification. Custom designed or altered to the clients particular, tastes, or usage.

At BLACK SWAN PUBLISHING, Atlanta, Ga. the book publishing group of Black Swan Global Media, we take the concept of “BESPOKE” self-publishing to the highest level. Writers and authors can now order bespoke designed, self-published books to their tastes from the comfort of their own homes.

Publishing and marketing fiction and nonfiction books, for authors who want to self-publish their first book. We personally handle the creative and technical process from beginning to end, including book layout, custom cover design, inside layout and structure, editing, publishing, marketing and national and global distribution of your book to Amazon Books, Barnes & Nobel, Kindle and other book retailers in the USA, UK, Europe and India. 


Email Steven at Steven@StevenMonahan.com