Spoiler alert! Cell phones, like the one sitting on my desk next to me, and next to you right now as well, FRY our brains.

OK, I know you’ve heard that before, and so have I. Well, we all ignore it, right, and why? because we’re not ever parting with our phones. Well I did just part with my new 5 days old, Samsung Note7, but only because they took it away from me, via the big recall. But, I got a plain Note 7 immediately, so now I’m good again. Well I am good phone wise, but not sure about my fried brain.

Don’t stop reading this right yet as I will give you some tips on how to at least diminish the causes from EMF and RFR’s, caused by your butt buddy, your cell phone.

So, for today just read a bit further because I’ll give you some pointers on how to at least reduce the coming of cancer, dead brains, heart disease, dead genes and all other fun diseases from the RFR, Radio Frequency Radiation of your mobile phone.

I’ve been doing extensive research for my next health and wellness book, tentative title, the Ancestor Diet. I downloaded 5 books to my Kindle [ so glad I got their Unlimited Plan], this past week alone, they are the latest books on DNA, Epigenetics, Paleo Diets, History of Agriculture and other fun reads, for my research.

I’ve been knee-deep in understanding the connections and breakthroughs in Epigenetics, as it relates to what to eat, and what to avoid to live healthier, smarter and longer.

Last night in researching Epigenetics I came across some things I felt important to you to know, and so I wrote today’s blog talk. It’s on Cell phones, laptops, radiation and its effects on our DNA, Genes and wellness.Well, what I learned about cell phones and our health is really quite eye-opening.

So here it is. Radio Frequency [RFR], and Electromagnetic Fields [EMF’s] screw with our bodies health, in a big way. Cell phones use this connecting energy. This powerful energy can however, causes insidious damage to our DNA, and our mental and physical health.

In a large sample study for New York State it found that EMF’s from high-voltage power lines harmed our brain neurohormes. Other studies, since then have demonstrated EMF being linked, not in a good way, to headaches, Alzheimer’s, sexual dysfunction, heart disease, high blood pressure and an increase in white blood cells.

RFR is powerful, and scientist testing it found, even a single exposure to RFR damaged rat brains. OK, I know we all dismiss rat brain studies. I do anyway. We are skeptical, and just tired of hearing about them. So, let’s move onto findings on us humans.

Are you tired a lot? Do you blame it on work, or studies? Do you know that frequencies from your cell phone can be causing your tiredness?

In one University test on cell phones, students who used their cell phone over 2 hours per day, suffered from sleep disturbances. Sleep disturbance, doesn’t sound so bad, but bad sleep is a bigger health, physical and mental issue than you may think. The release of cortisol, because of the sleep stress can lead to weight gain, slow thinking, mood swings, and general dumbness.

And, worse than being perpetually tired and dumb: sleep issues, caused by your amazing cell phone, have been linked to increased cancer, brain damage, Alzheimer’s, DNA changes etc.

I won’t go on any more about the health issues from our beloved cell phones and computers. We’re not going to stop using them anyway. They make life better in so many ways. So, let’s close with what you can do to at least minimize the risk of being sick, tired, dumb, brain-dead, or even real dead, dead.

Here are some things I learned to minimize the health damaging exposure to mobile frequency radiation and electromagnetic fields, powering our connected world.


  • Use a headset with your cell phone vs. putting your phone to your ear all the time.
  • Use your hands free
  • Don’t keep your cell phone in bed or nightstand at night.I will start doing this one tonight, but it ain’t gonaaa be easy.
  • Do Earthing : What’s “earthing”? Earthing is a fast-growing movement based upon the discovery that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy is foundational for vibrant health. Watch our video. Disconnected from the Earth we feel . barefoot on the grass. It’s a grounding to the earth. It is said to slow metabolism as well, reduce obesity and cancer, ALS and other diseases. Google it, try it out. It can’t hurt. Go barefoot in the park. Hey, when I was a hippie, for a fantastic summer, I did it:}
  • Smart Grids. Don’t let your Utility company connect one to your house. They use it to monitor your usage. It wireless frequency is not proven safe. There have been rising health complaints in communities that participate in this “smart” technology.
  • Unplug appliances or cordless units when not using them.
  • Turn off your cell phone, laptop or desktop when not using them.
  • Ground your house. Make sure your house is grounded.
  • Chargers for your phones and computers are not grounded. So plug-in when using if possible.
  • Microwave Ovens. Stand back a distance when using your microwave oven.
  • Bed Outlets. Avoid putting electric outlets right behind your headboard.

So in recap: our cell phones, computers, smart TV’s and all the modern technology we us is absolutely life enhancing. However, like anything in life there is an upside and a downside. We can’t put the genie back in the bottle. So let’s increase the up, and minimize the down side negative effects. There can be serious DNA, Genes and daily health negatives from our technology. Use it, but practice smart use.


Steve is a writer and published author, in Atlanta Georgia. You can follow his blog at StevenMonahan.com