How to Find Your Purpose

How to find your purpose

One of the most profound questions I get asked fairly often as a life coach is: How do I find my Purpose? Or asked another way, what is my Purpose in life?

The assumption underlying that question is. What job or vocation should I pursue? The odd, but true answer is. Your purpose is not in choosing one of thousands of vocations or jobs: but in becoming yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you someone else.

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is your life’s greatest accomplishment. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Society believes its role is to shape you to fit into its little box and control you. Your purpose is to fight the small minded constraints, of a well-meaning society, and become who you really are.

So to me the question should be, how do I become who I really am? And how you find that is, not looking outside to society to label you, or seek a specific destined job or vocation; but look inward and allow who you are to come forth. Now that may sound like a lot of goblee gook to some people, but that is what your real purpose is. To find the eternal you inside you, not the external you on the outside.

Find the reason you came here. And what is the reason you came here? To serve humanity, using the special and unique ideas, skills and knowledge you have within you. What you do, is not as important as finding out who you are: and then serving humanity with the gifts you already have.

When you understand that, then the sage statement of “in giving we receive” makes sense. And as Zig Ziglar also said, I paraphrase.” the more people you give to and help, the more you get what you want in return.

So that brings us full circle. Your purpose and your greatest accomplishment in life will be to resist the call of society to conform, and become yourself. When you truly become yourself, you stop chasing after external things. When you stop chasing, and give and serve, things then come effortlessly to you. Have intentions for a specific life, focus on high positive energy and allow your inner guidance to bring them to you. When you allow things come to you. When you chase they run from you.

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