3 Things to pass the job interview. There are 3 primary barriers you must overcome if you are to pass the job interview and get the job. The barriers are the 3 deep seeded biases or resistance items that rest in the mind of every interviewer.

These three human nature biases and worries reside in all of us. They surface every time we have to decide on buying or doing something. They are:


Are you for real? Can they trust you? Can you do the job?Are you lying?


Most hiring managers want to postpone the decision. They fear making a mistake or making a bad hire. They become lethargic. You have to overcome this and show them why they must hire you now. And why must they hire you today? Because they have pain and hiring you will overcome it…now. It’s important to convey to the hiring manager that their life will not just be better the day they hire you, but every day of their life after that will be enhanced. Help them visualize a continuous flow of benefits by hiring you today.


How much must they pay you? Are you worth it? Can they pay you less?

Your job in the interview is to expand the hiring managers vision, overcome their fears, overcome their doubt and provide compelling facts so he or she can overcome these 3 deep seeded biases they unconsciously harbor for you.

At the end of the interview process you will not get the job till you overcome the 3 barriers of  skepticism, lethargy and price.

3 things to pass the job interview

Author Steven Monahan is a former fortune 100 Senior Executive. CEO Steven Monahan Companies. Steven Monahan Executive Search & Coaching, Atlanta GA. Black Swan Publishing, Atlanta GA. Steven is author of five books including the top 50 Business & Career Book – The One Thing 66 Day Workbook.