Why Small Nonprofits Stay Small Nonprofits

Ever question why small nonprofits stay small nonprofits


Are you the Voice in your nonprofit, or are you merely an echo of whatever everyone else is doing in your nonprofit area?

 Do you lead from the front or push from behind?


I’ve played in the big pond and also in the little pond. I have been a fortune 100 executive leader and a leader and founder of a small nonprofit. Having been in both ponds I’ve learned that small nonprofits stay small...because they think small.

They see themselves as small and therefore make their decisions accordingly. They see the future from a small lens, not a wide lens. They focus on what they don’t have instead of focusing on what they do have and can create more of. I have been there, it is very easy to do. But, when that is done the future turns out small as well. The truth is we can only create from the lens and the filter we view life through.

If you are a small nonprofit leader{donations under 2 million} and want to break outside the box then please contact us. 

We focus on helping small nonprofits become big nonprofits. 

Growth doesn’t start with programs or donations or more staff. It starts with changing the thinking of the Leader.

At Ideas Institute Atlanta we are not all things to all people. My coaching or mentoring focus is solely on nonprofit founders or Executive Directors.

Steve is a LinkedIn inPro in nonprofit leadership consultant. Contact him via LinkedIn Pro or directly at Director@IdeasInstituteAtlanta.com.

“Helping leaders create extraordinary outcomes”

Ideas Institute Atlanta Coaching Expertise Areas.

  • Thinking outside the box.
  • Moving beyond one’s comfort zone.
  • Visioning possibilities.
  • Developing leadership.
  • Cause Marketing
  • Branding
  • Public Speaking.
  • Communications via publishing a book, building a leadership expert platform, becoming a local thought leader in your field.


Steve is a results driven, caring person. Steve has a great work ethic and great nonprofit marketing and visual astuteness when it comes to business. Whatever he touches turns to gold. It is a great honor to know Steve is wise, kindhearted and considerate.- M.C

Engaging Steve Monahan as my business mentor has been very beneficial for me. I made some major changes in my life. Steve quickly helped me get my answers His marketing input has been invaluable. I am now a member of his Ideas institute Atlanta Mastermind. – S.R

 Steve is a warm and compassionate human being. With vision and wisdom leading his way, Process oriented, attention to detail, and results driven are only a few of the many attributes Steve has in his arsenal. Never letting his focus stray from task at hand, Steve is a valuable mentor that every person should have the pleasure of knowing. -J.C.

I met Steve on LinkedIn when I was compelled to connect with him after I read some of his intelligent and provocative articles on animal welfare. He is as compassionate, gracious and fierce about what he believes as are his articles. He has a generous spirit that is as contagious as is his generous smile. Steve tirelessly creates ideas to further his vision while attracting like-minded support and talented people. And his sense of urgency reflects his commitment to making a positive difference through his outreach/advocacy/educating.- C.M.


Why Small Nonprofits Stay Small Nonprofits

Why Small Nonprofits Stay Small Nonprofits