How I Started Over After a Terminal Illness

franco face punch

Sometimes the only way we change our ways is getting a tough punch in the face.

Hi, I’m Steven Monahan. I’ve been married for 40 years, father 4 children, author, mentor, animal welfare activist. Ten years ago I was given three months to live. Through Grace I survived and was reborn on February 2, 2004.

I have lived two lives in two very different worlds. In my first life I was a hard charging, unconscious living, type A fortune 500 executive. Then my world changed. I was told I had but three months to live. Through Grace I survived and was reborn on February 2, 2004.

Born again in my second life I am now an entrepreneur, founder of CEO Mastermind & Mentoring, Black Swan Non-Profit Marketing, Black Dog Friday Advocacy and Green Pets America Charities.

After my rebirth I learned… and continue to learn how to live in the moment: be in this world, but not of it: serve all life, human, nature and animal. I spend my days in joy serving, witnessing and mentoring.


People ask me what was the biggest lesson I learned from surviving a terminal illness. Well if you have a couple of hours I could share them all with you, but let me just say this. My life has totally changed the past 10 years going from the hard charging Corporate lifestyle to being a writer and mentor.  It has not been easy at times, but I am more at peace, happier and full of life and compassion for all. St Francis said that “In dying we are born to eternal life”. Becoming a writer and advocate for women’s rights and animal rights is a calling my previous peers just don’t get: but to me I can do nothing higher than serve, and do what I can with my second life to help others live simpler, happier, yet prosperous lives, under their terms, not the terms of this world. 

Writing has allowed me to tap into my artistic creative side, my heart.In the corporate world I kept my emotions suppressed. I had to think logically, hierarchically, domineering. That in the box side of living nearly killed me. Opening to my right brain creative side allowed life to pulse through me again. It allows me to stop controlling life and allowing creativity to flow. That is why I feel writing is so import in starting a new life or new career and being happy in the moment.

In addition to being and author and leading a publishing business I ‘m also founder of Green Pets America Charities, that advocates for animal shelter reform. I write about that unique reform plan in my book Rescue Renew Rehome.

We also publish books for entrepreneurs to give to their prospective and current clients. They are very affordable and make a unique promotion piece. Two are The Constitution of the United States – Declaration of Independence, and the classic. Self-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Writing and publishing my first book helped me start over again after surviving my terminal illness. If you want to launch a new life, or new career a book is a great way to start your re-birth.

Writing a book is as much about the journey and discovery of you, as the book itself.


Steven Monahan