We teach entrepreneurs how to SOAR

At IDEAS INSTITUTE GEORGIA We teach entrepreneurs how to SOAR.

Our mission is to develop, teach and support creative entrepreneurs to shift the century-old economic model from an industrial era consumer-driven economy to new ideas solutions-driven economy.

Every day is a new day. Every day brings with it the opportunity to find and achieve your life’s purpose. You do not have to do today what you did yesterday. You do not have to be today who you were yesterday. Every day is your new day to SOAR.

Through our TED -Type Talks, Education Programs, Coaching, Mentoring and our Managing Directors best-selling book, ONE THING WORKBOOK {Business & Money category, #35 out of 2 million books on Amazon} we budding entrepreneurs reach the highest level of excellence.


  • What is my unique Purpose?
  • How do I want to spend my days?
  • Who is in control of my life? Me or Destiny?
  • What should my One Thing be?
  • Why do I really want my One Thing?
  • How do I achieve it?
  • Do I possess the Will to Win?
  • Do I persevere or do I give up too soon?
  • Do habits really control 50% of my daily actions?
  • Do I have self-defeating habits?
  • Can I change my bad habits?
  • Why do I need a 66 Day Daily Journal?
  • What Entrepreneurial path or business career should I chose for today’s fast-changing, disruptive times?

THE SOAR PROGRAMWe teach entrepreneurs how to SOAR


The vast majority of coaching and mentoring today focuses on your challenges, frustrations, and shortfalls. If you ever met with a top business coach before you know it goes like this. You meet and she or he starts, in a nice way,  digging into your flaws and defeats. You talk about whats going wrong. The frustrations and the shortfalls with you and your business.

That style, excuse my frankness… sucks… and it is just no fun at all. Let’s face it that old approach just doesn’t work. It honestly never really worked and it never will.

What does work, however, is focusing on your STRENGTHS, not focusing on your WEAKNESSES. The human mind delivers what it thinks about most! If you want more problems and more defeats then focus on your problems.

If as I believe however you want success, then the answer is to focus on your strengths not your weaknesses

At IDEAS INSTITUTE GEORGIA our philosophy and coaching style is pretty much opposite of most coaching programs today. We focus on identifying your most important ONE thing for you to do and contribute to the world. We focus you then on your Strengths. Then your Opportunities. Then your Attitude and beliefs. And then on building Relationships. Building a Tribe of others who see excellence, just like you.

With a success mindset, you will start seeing that there are opportunities for growth and, success all around you. When you were focused on problems everything you saw was through that filter. The problem filter. We teach you however how to build and see only through a Success Filter. By teaching you how to see opportunities everywhere your world will actually change.

Think about this. You want a red BMW cabriolet. Its sleek and rare and few have them. So you eagerly drive to the dealership and sure enough there is one sitting on the showroom floor. Just as you visioned it! WOW!! Just one red cabriolet. You purchase it and drive it off the lot . On the way home something funny starts happening. Where you never saw a new red BMW cabriolet on the road before…now you see two of them…just on the way home. The next day you’re all excited, bounce out of bed early and drive to work with your rare, hardly ever seen one before red BMW cabriolet, eager to show it off to tour friends at work. But, guess what? On the drive to work, with the top down and the sun shining… you see two more . Now you’ve seen 4 in just two days. What the hell has just happened you wonder? Am I in the Twilight Zone? Well whats happened is this. The Rule of Focus has kicked in. Now that you are focused on a red BMW cabriolet you see them everywhere. Is this magic? no its just the rule that… What we focus on we see.

Changing your thinking from problems to solutions, and from lack to bounty is what we do in our SOAR Coaching and our One Thing Coaching programs. We get you to reframe your thinking. From trying to do everything, we show you how to One Thing. And by finding that One Thing you can now focus all your strengths and aspirations onto it and SOAR. And with SOAR coaching techniques you learn how to see all the Red BMW Convertible that has always been there all along. You will now clearly see all the strengths you already possess to achieve whatever you want for yourself and your family. With a new ATTITUDE, your altitude will climb and SOAR ever higher and higher. And with the new positive relationships, you will have created on your journey you will find that you will have built a tribe of supporters, friends, and fellow beings focused on thriving not just surviving.

And with our SOAR proprietary coaching techniques, you will learn how to see all the Red BMW Cabriolets that have been there within your grasp and sight all along. You will clearly see all the STRENGTHS you already possess, to achieve whatever you want for yourself and your family. You will now see clearly all the OPPORTUNITES before you as well. And with a new ATTITUDE, your business and life will climb and SOAR ever higher and higher. And finally, with the new positive RELATIONSHIPS, you will have created on your ONE THING and SOAR coaching journey you will find that you will have built a tribe of supporters, friends and fellow beings focused on thriving and enjoying life to the fullest.

The next step is yours. If you are mentally ready to take the next step in your life then simply email Steven Monahan at Director@IdeasInstituteGeorgia.org. Let’s have coffee and talk about your Strengths, Opportunities, and Attitude needed to become a game-changing entrepreneur. Ideas institute georgia


Steve’s Recommendations

Tom Cramer, CEO Coaching; Founder of The Brain Trust; Co-Founder, Wisie, Inc.; Co-Founder, Interactive Assets, Inc. Steve is an idea man extraordinaire. Trust this socially conscious man to guide you and nourish the purpose in you. He is a very successful businessman who is now taking those outstanding skills and applying them to helping people live better lives.

Sherry Richardson, CEO: Richardson Automotive. Hiring Steven Monahan as my Coach has been very beneficial for me. I made major business, life and financial changes in my life. I sold my 30-year-old business and had to overcome the deep anxiety of what to do next in my career and life. Steve compassionately and quickly helped me get my answers. And in a consultant role, he assisted us in positioning and selling my business for a handsome value. His input has been invaluable because of his experience in the corporate world and business brokerage field. I am now a member of his business CEO Mastermind group.

Mike Sena, CFP®
Author, Wealth Manager, Avid Polo Player. Steve has been a mentor for me for a number of years now. Steven has been instrumental in helping me focus on my business plan, executing on it more effectively and attracting good-fit clients.

Jon Cooper CEO DIGB, Steve is a warm and compassionate human being. He leads with vision and wisdom. Steve is always there to lend a helping hand. Process oriented, attention to detail and results driven are only a few of the many attributes Steve has in his arsenal; never letting his focus stray from the task at hand.

Jeff Snow Business Owner, Director Cherokee Toastmasters. Steve joined Cherokee Toastmasters and he became an outstanding speaker and leader in his vision for his community. Steve has coached me personally with my business. Steve uses his extensive business skills and talents to help me excel.

Marilyn Cramer Founder of Light Healer, LLC; Steve is compassionate, results driven, caring person. Steve has a great work ethic and great astuteness when it comes to business. Whatever he touches turns to gold. It is a great honor to know Steve… he is wise, kind-hearted and considerate.

If you are mentally ready to take the next step in your life then simply email Steven Monahan at Director@IdeasInstituteGeorgia.org. Let’s have coffee and talk about your Strengths, Opportunities, and Attitude needed to become a game-changing entrepreneur. 


Life’s top 45 success if only’s excuses.Many people who do not succeed have one distinguishing trait in common.They know all the reasons for failure and very few of the reasons for success. They have what they believe to be airtight reasons to explain away their own lack of success in business and life.

I call them Life’s “IF ONLY’S”.  Here is our coaching list of the top 45 “IF ONLY’S” we’ve heard in our thirty-year career of hiring and coaching. As you read the list, examine yourself carefully and determine how many of these “IF ONLY” excuses you may have used for not succeeding in an endeavor. If you have used them, or some are currently your go to “IF ONLY’S” acknowledge them, get over them, and make it your success goal to never utter “IF ONLY” again.



  1. If only I were younger.
  2. If only I were older.
  3. If only I could only do what I want.
  4. If only I had been born rich.
  5. If only I could meet “the right people”
  6. If only I had the talent that some people have.
  7. If only I dared to assert myself.
  8. If only I had embraced past opportunities.
  9. If only people didn’t get on my nerves.
  10. If only I didn’t have to keep house and look after the children.
  11. If only I could save some money.
  12. If only the boss appreciated me more.
  13. If only I had somebody to help me.
  14. If only my family understood me.
  15. If only I could just get started.
  16. If only I had the personality of some people.
  17. If only my real talents were known.
  18. If only I could just get a “break”.
  19. If only I could get out of debt.
  20. If only I hadn’t failed.
  21. If only I knew how.
  22. If only I didn’t have a wife and family.
  23. If only I had more money.
  24. If only I had a better education.
  25. If only I had good health.
  26. If I only had more time.
  27. If only the economy was better.
  28. If only other people understood me.
  29. If only conditions around me were different.
  30. If only I could start my life over again.
  31. If only I did not fear what “they” would say.
  32. If only I had been given a chance.
  33. If only other people didn’t “have it in for me”.
  34. If only everybody wasn’t against me.
  35. If only I could marry the right person.
  36. If only people weren’t so dumb.
  37. If only my spouse was not so extravagant.
  38. If only I were sure of myself.
  39. If only luck was not against me.
  40. If only I had not been born under the wrong star.
  41. If only I lived in a different city.
  42. If only I didn’t have a “past”.
  43. If only I had my own business.
  44. If only I hadn’t lost my money.
  45. If only other people would listen to me.

TOP 45 SUCCESS KILLING IF ONLY’sSteven Monahan is a former fortune 100 Senior Executive. He is CEO of the Steven Monahan Companies, which include Steven Monahan Executive Search & Coaching, Atlanta GA. and Black Swan Publishing, Atlanta GA. Steven is the author of five books including top 50 Business & Career Book – The One Thing 66 Day Workbook



How to get a high paying job. There are 5 steps to success in getting a high paying job, or for that matter anything else you desire.


  1. Choice of a definite position or objective. You must pick your One Thing.
  2. Development of sufficient will power and resolve to attain your position or objective.
  3. Perfection of a written practical plan for attaining your job position or One Thing.
  4. Accumulation of specialized knowledge to be a master at your position.
  5. A dogged persistence in carrying out your plan.

Remember that you cannot succeed in whatever you chose to do unless you begin with a crystal clear purpose, a definite aim and a well thought out One Thing that you will do anything to achieve.

Steven Monahan is a former fortune 100 Senior Executive. He is CEO of the Steven Monahan Companies, which include Steven Monahan Executive Search & Coaching, Atlanta GA. and Black Swan Publishing, Atlanta GA.

Steven is author of five books including top 50 Business & Career Book – The One Thing 66 Day Workbook.

Steven Monahan Author One Thing 66 Day Workbook

Artist’s Manifesto 2017 by Steven Monahan

artists manifestoArtist’s Manifesto 2017 by Steven Monahan: As an artist you are a communicator of thought through words and visuals. And as a communicator, writer, or artist your purpose, your assignment, your challenge, or agony as it may be, is to communicate to those, in these times of transition who chose to remain deaf. To reach those who chose to remain unreachable, to bring hope to those who drown in hopelessness, to take people into deep waters when they prefer to remain in the shallow’s and to move society forward when it prefers to stay where it is.

Steven Monahan is an author, artist and antagonist to apathy and fear. Steven has published numerous books including the top 25 business and money book on Amazon today: The One Thing 66 Day Workbook. Website @ StevenMonahan.com


Broken world, sad little girl, a tear by Steven Monahan

broken world

Broken world: sad little girl, a tear. A tear dropped from her eye. I said Kaitlin what’s the matter? She said grandpa I don’t know. She said I just feel sad. I asked her why. She said because Mommy is sad. Oh, I said and why is Mommy sad. Mommy said the world is broken.

I knew what she meant. When I was born it was a broken world as well. I was born at the end of World War 11 and the whole wide world was broken. I was too young to know why, but I felt sad just like Kaitlin. Why was I sad? because my mom was sad that the world was broken. And I was also mad. Why was I mad? because my Dad was mad the world was broken.

Seems when we are children we feel what our mothers and fathers feel. We don’t know why things are broken, we just feel them. As children we live from our hearts and not our heads. As Mom and Dad’s we sometimes live more from our heads and not our hearts.

Kaitlin then asked me, will everything be OK?  Will it always be a broken world, will the world stop being broken?  I said when I was a little boy her age the world was broken as well. And it got fixed. It got put back together again. And one day it will get put back together for her as well. She asked when will it get together again? I said we never know when, but keep believing, keep praying and one day it will.

I said since the world was born it always breaks and then it gets put back together again. And every time it gets put back again, it becomes better that before it broke.

Broken World: Steven Monahan is an author, artist and antagonist to apathy and fear.

Steven Monahan has published numerous books including the top 25 business and money book on Amazon: The One Thing 66 Day Workbook.

Website @ StevenMonahan.com


Breaking A Bad Habit

Breaking A Bad Habit. Fighting against old, ingrained habits and behaviors can be difficult and discouraging. Instead apply neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), to focus on what you do want instead of what you don’t want. This will move you from a place of avoidance to one of action. Old, unwanted habits have a better chance of falling away when they are crowded out by new behaviors.

Breaking A Bad Habit

Read The One Thing 66 Day Workbook and learn how to create new success habits for anything you want to achieve. Steven Monahan, author


What’s the One Thing Artificial Intelligence Can’t do?

What’s the One Thing Artificial Intelligence Can’t do? You need to be able to answer this question pretty soon. And if you are under 30 you better answer it today. And oh, by the way the answer may mean all your education may now be relatively useless if it is in one of these categories.

Here is a list of 23 things artificially intelligent computers can do better/faster/cheaper than you can. Courtesy of Seth Godin’s blog.

Predict the weather
Read an X-ray
Play Go
Correct spelling
Figure out the P&L of a large company
Pick a face out of a crowd
Count calories
Fly a jet across the country
Maintain the temperature of your house
Book a flight
Give directions
Create an index for a book
Play Jeopardy
Weld a metal seam
Trade stocks
Place online ads
Figure out what book to read next
Water a plant
Monitor a premature newborn
Detect a fire
Play poker
Read documents in a lawsuit
Sort packages

Seth goes on to say that the future of AI is probably a lot like the past: it nibbles. Artificial intelligence does a job we weren’t necessarily crazy about doing anyway, it does it quietly, and well, and then we take it for granted.

No one complained when their thermostat took over the job of building a fire, opening the grate, opening a window, rebuilding a fire. And no one complained when the computer found 100 flights faster and better than we ever could.

But the system doesn’t get tired, it keeps nibbling. Not with benign or mal intent, but with a focus on a clearly defined task.

This can’t help but lead to unintended consequences. Enormous when they happen to you. Technology destroys the perfect and then it enables the impossible.

So lets loop back to my blog title question. “What’s the One Thing Artificial Intelligence Can’t do, that I can?” That is the really critical question each of us has to ask ourselves.

It is what I call a “Zen Question”. It is quite simple and quite difficult at the same time.

Said another way, what is the ONE THING I can do now, or learn soon and be excellent at that’s really difficult for a computer to do in my lifetime.

How can I become so resilient, so irreplaceable, so human that today’s quantum shifts in technology won’t be able to catch up with me and my One Thing ability?

Being excellent at One Thing has always been critical to success… but now… it’s really urgent. Steven Monahan.

What's the One Thing Artificial Intelligence Can't do?

Steven is an author and mentor. His current book is  THE ONE THING 66 DAY WORKBOOK. Top 25 Business Books on Amazon. Additionally, Steven is the founder and Director of Green Pets America Charities, animal welfare organization. Steve has been recognized by his home State of Georgia for service to Georgia’s people and companion animals.


City Slickers Movie The Secret of Life

In the movie City Slickers Jack Palance taught Billy Crystal the secret of life. We couldn’t agree more with his sage advice.

The past few years after surviving a terminal illness I threw myself face first into one new thing after another. I was so happy to come back from the dead, I wasn’t going to miss a thing. I wanted to do all I could to enjoy each moment and each day. And by enjoying each day I would build a new life.

Well for the past 10 years I have been doing that. Enjoying each day and trying new things. What were those new things? In my previous life I was a structured, Type A, work obsessed corporate executive at a fortune 100 enterprise. This time I was bound to never work for anyone ever again. So, I became an entrepreneur.

I started an Executive Search firm, grew it and sold it. I then started a Business Brokerage firm. Decided it was too much like work so I started a non-profit. Love that, and kept leading it but needed more to occupy my life. So with all my past experience I became a Life and Business Coach. Teaching people how not to work themselves to death.And to that I became a writer and started a small publishing company.

I have done other things as well. But with all that busy-ness I started to become disillusioned. Somewhere along the way, it went from fun and exciting, to an obsession. So I decided I needed to get back to being happy full-time. I decided to narrow my focus and pick just one of all the businesses I had, and do just one. I knew by doing just one, I would have time to both plant and smell the flowers again. But, What would my one thing be?

I really believe, and have experienced it all throughout my life that when I have a burning desire, something shows up in my life to guide me towards it. And what showed up? The One Thing book by Gary Keller.

When I read the book I knew I was being guided towards my goal of happiness and doing just One Thing. The One Thing that made all other of the things I was doing unnecessary. I decided upon a criteria for my One Thing. It had to change the lives of others. It had to use my passion and it had to be the best thing I could do with my remaining years.

Well if you have read my One Thing 66 Day Workbook I wrote after finishing Keller’s book, you know I created a specific plan to not just pick my One Thing, but to really accomplish and live it. I wanted to change my life for now the third time.

So of all the business I have and all the various things I’ve been doing; what is my One Thing? Its devoting myself 100% to my nonprofit organization. The nonprofit I started after surviving my terminal illness over 10 years ago Green Pets America Charities. GPA is unique among animal welfare organizations. We are not your usual rescue the dogs organization. We are that of course… but we are so much more. Our whole reason for being is to make life better for families with companion animals. Particularly we help families in need care for and feed their pets. We keep the bond between people and their pets strong and together, even through difficult financial times.

So do you want to know the secret of life. Follow Curley’s advice from the City Slickers Movie The Secret of Life and “Do One Thing”