Can You Sense It See It and Feel it?

Can you sense it, can you see it, can you feel it yet? Something has shifted. Something has changed. Something big has happened.

We have transitioned into new times. We are in Transitional Times. We have just left the industrial/manufacturing era. Yet, we have not arrived at our new future. We are in transition.

Entrepreneurs and freelancers represent the future of the workplace, as traditional office jobs and manufacturing become less and less relevant.The time when we went to college, then worked for the same company for twenty-five years is gone. Workers will need continual training and continual education to keep up. Technology changes monthly. We need a new mindset and new ideas to keep pace with all the new things flowing to us.

What do we need to do to prepare for this future?

How should we react now in these times of transition?

Frankly, we or no one else has an answer…but we need to be looking at it, exploring it, creating answers and then sharing them. We are in the process of creating a place to do just that. Education must change. We educated for the linear, assembly line, or everyone in a neat little cubicle world. That world is no longer relevant. We need rapid and continual education for today’s workforce. In these new transitional times we must teach and inspire the new “Ideas Age” workforce. They require new skills.

We have recognized that and we are creating Ideas Institute Georgia to teach people new ways of looking at work and living life. If you are searching for answers, searching for solutions, then you may want to join Ideas Institute Georgia.

Visit the Ideas Institute Georgia website and subscribe to learn of their upcoming Edutaining Talks. Talks that will be both educational and entertaining.

Science has shown that we learn best when we combine learning and fun together. Using our left brain for logical learning and our right brain for creative fun the two spheres connected make for a powerful learning experience.

Plan to attend Ideas Institute Georgia’s.

“Edutaining Talks”

“You will leave with a smile and a fresh new way of looking at things”

Can You Sense It See It and Feel it?


Steven Monahan, Executive Director

Ideas Institute Georgia.