Book Covers. Why Covers Sell Books


There is the old saying that you can’t judge a book by the cover. I have learned however as an author and Indie publisher,  publishing my books and books of others; in book sales that saying is wrong, dead wrong.


Picture this, you are browsing for books in a store; the first thing you are drawn to when casually browsing for a new book to read it’s the cover you first notice. Our eyes are first attracted to the colors and design of the books cover. The second thing your eye lands on is the title.


Now I know if you are looking for a specific title, that someone recommended you read, the opposite occurs, but in casual book browsing your eyes go for cover first…  title second, contents last.


Now a good cover does not guarantee a well written book. As a writer I wish it did sometimes. But the reality is a good cover, at least gets you to pick it up, and read the back jacket and inside a bit.


Take a look at these two covers for one of my own books, Awakening the Mysterious Feminine. The target audience for this book is women. It was written to inspire women to become self-reliant and talks about the power of the Feminine mind.

Book Covers            Book Covers


Which of the two would you first be attracted to. If you are like most, it would be the one with the attractive woman on the front.


We created the first cover as we were trying to capture the energy force of the feminine. And the book title comes from a verse in the Chinese book of life called the Tao Te Ching. So we went with a Chinese influence cover. Feminine is not something concrete we can see .Feminine mind is more of a feeling, an energy, and a state of mind. So the first cover we used went with a mystery look. And focused on a Chinese look as well. Problem is it did not sell well.


So I redesigned the cover, and went directly for the literal look…a picture of a feminine woman.


Guess what? sales took off with the new cover. As I said and have learned first-hand Covers sell books. People said things like I picked it up as I liked the color of her sweater. Or her face attracted me to look at it closer. I know, go figure? I get it however as we live more in a visual world, more than a thought world today and therefore visual sells. Fortunately I am a left brain…words, and a right brain…visual person. So I can adapt to both to create a book not only with thoughtful words but with a visual look people like as well.


Another reason besides in store sales for good book cover design is book sales on line. Most books today are sold on line, and most on line sales of books are through Amazon. Or books on line from Kindle books, which by the way Amazon owns.


Picture yourself on your computer or better yet iPhone or Droid and on Amazon looking at books. The picture is very small. When I design a book cover I always keep that fact in mind. I design covers to be immediately easy to read and to be simple, not ornate and fancy.


Too fancy is not seen well on a small phone or note book screen.


A big image, plus crisp large font and white or bold colors is easier and stands out with a “Pop” more than fancy and busy.

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So there you have it. Be very deliberate in designing your books covers. It will make a difference in people being visually attracted to it. And we can’t sell books unless people at least look at the cover. Well designed book covers will increase your book sales.

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