Working and Dying in a Corporate Box

Working and Dying in a Corporate Box.


Ten years ago I came down with an illness, an illness of unknown origin, that the doctors over a one-year period of time could not identify. For twelve difficult months I was in severe pain, losing 30% of my body weight, and with blood work that was off the charts. I dragged myself from specialist to specialist. Despite a series of brain scans, body scans, nuclear tests, PET scans, and biopsies, the various specialists saw conclusively that I was sick, but could not isolate the life sapping, mysterious illness that was shutting my body down.

Finally, after over a year of searching for a diagnosis, the senior physician in charge of the team of specialists told me that they could not find the root cause of my illness and said that at the rate my body was shutting down, I had perhaps a few months left. Despite every test and biopsy performed, they could not find the cause, or offer a cure. The doctor leading the search took me aside and said, there is just nothing more we can do. My organs would continue to fail. He suggested I go home and be with my family.

Three days after, the same doctor called me back. He said that the biopsy sent to the Mayo Clinic was rechecked. They found out what was killing me. He said the outside lining of my heart was severely infected and heavily scared. He said it was stopping my heart from fully beating. He said it was if my heart was locked in a box. They would have to open up the box if I was to survive.

In our new book, WORKING AND DYING IN A CORPORATE BOX we share what happened to my life after that day, why I left the corporate life behind, and from an amazing three-year journey of dying and recovery what I learned about work, purpose in life, and how to live in abundance outside the corporate box.

Working and Dying In The Corporate Box