The Art of Dance

The Art of dance

Are you at a crossroads in your life…physical, emotional or spiritual?

This can be a very fearful and confusing time. I know. Not only do you have to choose to go right or left. But your choice will also take you forward or backwards as well.

Your mind, that should be still at this time is not. It is confused, panicked and locked up, unable to give you a clear path to choose. So what do you do? At this point you want to just get over the decision, get over the pain and sorrow. You want to either go right or left. It seems that is the only choice, the only option. But, what if there is a third option?

In my just published book, The Art of Dance –  The Art of Life, I reveal the third option. The only true and lasting option. For like you, I came to a crossroads in my life. My crossroad in life presented itself when told I had a terminal illness, with but a few months to live.

  The Art Of Dance – The Art of Life


“Ten years ago I came down with an illness, an illness of unknown origin, that the doctors over a one-year period of time could not identify. For twelve difficult months I was in severe pain, losing 30% of my body weight, and with blood work that was off the charts. I dragged myself from specialist to specialist. Despite a series of brain scans, body scans, nuclear tests, PET scans, and biopsies, the various specialists saw conclusively that I was sick, but could not isolate the life sapping, mysterious illness that was shutting my body down.

Finally, after over a year of searching for a diagnosis, the senior physician in charge of the team of specialists told me that they could not find the root cause of my illness and said that at the rate my body was shutting down, I had perhaps a few months left. Despite every test and biopsy performed, they could not find the cause, or offer a cure. The doctor leading the search took me aside and said, there is just nothing more we can do. My organs would continue to fail. He suggested I go home and be with my family.

Shaken and stunned, I went home. I did not give up hope, however. I did not believe it was my time. I was not ready to die. With the physical world having failed, I sought a higher power to heal me. I turned inward: I accessed my spirit and heart for guidance and help. I totally let go, turning my life over to my inner soul. After going deep within, I had a strange, serene calmness, knowing beyond a doubt that an answer would come, I would live”.



steven monahan