The Untetherd Soul – The Journey Beyond Yourself, Michael Singer. New York Times Bestseller.

Many have reviewed this enlightened book. I have enjoyed Singers simple presentation of deep teachings. Rather than an in depth review I prefer to showcase one teaching. Happiness.

 We have 2 very simple choices in life.

To be Happy.

To be Unhappy.

We must decide now.
If we choose Happy, what me must do is be happy each moment of each day, no matter what change occurs in our life each day.
When change comes that upsets our beliefs, values and life we must let the event or thought pass thru us. If we do not feed our energy to it…It will disturb us, but it will pass through us.
If we engage it and cling to it we will be unhappy.
If we force it away and struggle we will be unhappy.
If we allow it to pass thru us we will remain happy.
The only way to be happy is to decide it and allow life to flow thru us and not fight life.
What do you chose?


The Untethered Soul - The Journey Beyond Yourself - Book Review

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