Last of the Iconoclasts


An iconoclast is a unique individual and bold thinker—they don’t prioritize what tradition calls for and instead look to challenge it. They see options that other people can’t or won’t see. They break old paradigms and create new ones.

Good morning friends my name is Steven Monahan, Welcome to my world of enchantment. A world of open minds and generous hearts. A world of love, not hate. A world of one not fragments.

I have followed a long and winding road for seven decades, from a kid raised just across the hudson river, over looking the goliath buildings of New Your City, starting off as a programmer of this new technology called IBM computers, to then shifting path sof a rapidly growing America from the 70’s to the 90’s becoming a oorporate executive in the largesta Global bank.

And then like many I felt the call within to discover who I really was, and what was my purpose,.Leaving wealth, and a material life behind I jumpted off the spinning merry goround. I had no idea where I would land, but knew my heart and soul would guide me. And they have. I found why we are here and the meaning and purpose of this journey of both body and soul. Life is beautiful, it arcs toward kindness and love. It is not a punishment as many believe but a gift. A gift of eternall awe and wonder in conjunction with and service to all.

As I get closer to home my field of consciousness expands. When our mind of thought settles down the need to do becomes a field of quiete being. the Seeds have reached to the heavens and blossom. What we call seeds are really the seeds of a higher consciousness. We then come together agin, as one, in that higher field of consciousness on our path back home. The path is both easy and hard, but it is open to all. We find the world we seek in deep meditation of yoga of heart and spirit. The seven veils fall and we see who we have always been ,the Logos, the trinity of One

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
There is a field. I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass,
The world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase each other
Doesn’t make any sense.


There is joy and potential all around us. And, while today there are significant challenges as well, hearts of vision and love are leading a renaisance, a dramatic shift of mindfulness and consciousness towards living peacefully together on this big blue heart we call a planet and in vast new galaxies yet to be dreamed of.

As we create dreams and hope for a kinder more compassionate future we must work together as one mind today. We know that when one cannot provide for their family, a society cannot provide for its family. When one child goes hungry, all children in this interwoven fabric of society are hungry. When one woman is abused, society is abused. But we also know that the seeds of greatness are in each of us, and through inspired ideas, we can, and will create a vibrant and flourishing world. Become a part of TED. Be all you were meant to be!

TI have had an amazing opoortunity to meet the kindest most caring people along mty path. The past few years I have had the privilidge to produced three TEDx events: TEDx Dupree Park in 2019 and 2020. And TEDx Alexander Park in 2023. TED events are live on-stage presentations from the brightest minds, presenting the best ideas worth sharing in live venues. Uplifting Ideas that educate and bring people together to create a kinder, more loving, and compassionate world. TEDx events gathers the best ideas from the best minds across the globe and local communities., TEDx events seed greatness via ideas and thoughtful conversations. We plant and seed amazing ideas into fertile minds, hoping to grow a kinder, more loving, and compassionate world for today and our grandkids of tomorrow.