TEDx Dupree Speakers November 2021

My Life my Vision – Seeding Greatness

I have been blessed. I’ve risen to the heights and walked through the valley of death three times; always surviving and rising higher and more in love with the magnificence of life. My life is a work in progress. I was not born perfect, but with work, and dedication I believe we can get all better every day. There is happiness and purpose in getting a little better each day.

 I eagerly seek knowledge from books, friends, mentors, animals, and nature. Inspired and living the “Middle Way” of the ancient Buddhists, the “Water Way – Wu Wei” of the Tao, and “Amore Fate” of the Athenian and Roman Stoics I have learned how to flow with life and not against it. In that state of flow, one unites with the One and finds a joyful life of purpose and meaning.

I am a prior fortune 100 executive, married for 43 years to my high school sweetheart, and a three-time-death survivor. A TEDx licensee & producer, Philanthropist, author, and mentor. Founder TEDx Dupree Park, Ahimsa Humane Society, and Green Pets America Charities, and Daily Stoic Meditations.

TEDx Dupree Park 2021. TEDx Dupree Park 2021 was a daylong get-together of awesome people, brilliant speakers, and mind-blowing conversations. This day-long festival of inspiring ideas and conversations was held in-person on November 5 live in downtown Woodstock, Georgia USA at The Woodstock Arts Center.


Seeding Greatness

“Great societies grow, and blossom when its people plant trees they know they will never sit under.” Athenian Quote

Keep a joyful tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come -Ancient Proverb

The TEDx Dupree Park Team believes that one by one people are becoming re-inspired and awakening again to the seeds of greatness within them, and universal humanity. We are remembering our story of oneness with all; humanity, animals, nature, and this communal blue dot we all call home. Soon we will grow stronger, blossom, and become closer together as a community, humanity, and world.

As Zac Brown says in his new song Same Boat, “We’re all tryna fix the same broke hearts, wishing on the same bright stars, hoping hope floats, wondering where the same time goes. We’re all in the same boat.

Our Vision

“We believe that, across the globe, community elders, leaders, and people must come together and step forward to fiercely and eloquently speak their hope and passion for the future of mankind. We are remembering our story of oneness with all; humanity, animals, nature, and this communal blue dot we all call home. Soon we will grow stronger, blossom, and become closer together as a community, humanity, and world”.

Our 2021 TEDx event features 14 speakers plus entertainers who gather to thoughtfully and elegantly share their vision for a better world and how we can all together as one, seed greatness, inspire, and foster positive change in the world.

Our Speakers

Atlanta-based speakers include Aurea McGarry, Emmy Award winner; Leah Garcés, president of Mercy for Animals; Mark Hayes, former Good Day Atlanta News Anchor; Dr. Yvette Pegues, Ed.D., chief transformation officer for Your Invisible Disability Group; Joshua Ludlam, speaker, coach, and pastor: and Joseph Gandolfo, M.A., a renowned life coach, speaker, and consultant. Global thought leaders include Sonia Jhas, award-winning wellness expert with more than half a million fans;  Austin Zelan, entrepreneur, investor, and founder of Westgate Fund and Alphanance; Brielle Cotterman, former Mrs. Indiana, World Champion Equestrian, and publicity expert; Radmila Lolly, opera singer, producer and founder/designer of the couture fashion house “Eltara Casata;” George Kramb, Forbes featured the co-founder of PatientPartner; Ruth Rathblott award-winning CEO and inclusion expert; Seanlai, award-winning CEO, author, behaviorist and creator of The Science of Connection; and Moshe Gersht, Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author. 

Meet the TEDx Team

Testimonials for Steven Monahan


Tom Cramer, CEO Coaching; Founder of The Brain Trust; Co-Founder, Wisie, Inc.; Co-Founder, Interactive Assets, Inc

Steve is an idea man extraordinaire. Trust this socially conscious man to guide you and nourish the purpose for you. He is a very successful businessman who is now taking those outstanding skills and applying them to helping people live better lives.

Sherry Richardson, CEO: Richardson Automotive.

Hiring Steven Monahan as my Consultant and Coach has been very beneficial for me. I made major business, life, and financial changes in my life. I sold my 30-year-old business and had to overcome the deep anxiety of what to do next in my career and life. Steve compassionately and quickly helped me get my answers. And in a consultant role, he assisted us in positioning and selling my business for a handsome value. His input has been invaluable because of his experience in the corporate world and business brokerage field. I am now a member of his business CEO Mastermind group.

 Marilyn Cramer Founder of Light Healer LLC.

Steve is a compassionate, results-driven, caring person. Steve has a great work ethic and great astuteness when it comes to business. Whatever he touches turns to gold. It is a great honor to know Steve… he is wise, kindhearted, and considerate.

Mike Sena, CFP®

Author, Wealth Manager, Avid Polo Player. Steve has been a mentor to me for a number of years now. Steven has been instrumental in helping me focus on my business plan, executing it more effectively, and attracting good-fit clients.

Jon Cooper CEO DIGB

Steve is a warm and compassionate human being. He leads with vision and wisdom. Steve is always there to lend a helping hand. Process-oriented, attention to detail and results-driven are only a few of the many attributes Steve has in his arsenal; never letting his focus stray from the task at hand.

Jeff Snow Business Owner, Director of Cherokee Toastmasters.

 Steve joined Cherokee Toastmasters and he became an outstanding speaker and leader in his vision for his community. Steve has coached me personally with my business. Steve uses his extensive business skills and talents to help me excel.

Steven has been recognized by the community, business, and governmental entities along with the State Senate of Georgia and the City Council of Woodstock for his service to his community.  

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