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Steven Monahan, Founder CEO
Organizer Creator TEDx Dupree Park, TEDx Arlington Park, Digital Art Atlanta


Become a better storyteller

As a writer, artist and TEDx Organizer we know that stories are the best way we change minds and win hearts. Telling & sharing stories with skill and intention is truly the only way to make a human connection and share an amazing idea

Steven Monahan

Storytelling is not a gift reserved for the chosen few—the professional journalist, screenwriter, or novelist. It’s a skill you can learn and practice.

You can become a great storyteller and we can help you.

Pictures tell a Story. Telling a story is universal. Since the stone age stories are hard-wired into our souls and hearts. Stories and images help us connect to one another in a meaningful and wonderful way.
 Digital and in-person images narrate a sequential mind reality that aligns with the linear nature of human conscious thought.

Stories can remind us of things that have happened to us or that we would like to happen. They can awaken inner desires in a way that oral description cannot approach. Images can tell stories, even when they are static photographs or drawings. In fact, many of the best pictures are great because of the stories they tell. A person looking out of a window with a dreamy expression tells a story of wishes or fond memories. A group of friends laughing over a beer reminds us of our own friends and how happy and good they made us feel as we were with them.

Visual Learning. Art illustrating. People don’t always understand what you are marketing, what it is really for, or how to use it to the best effect. Pictures can show this, saying ‘here’s how to do it or ‘look, it’s easy. Even if it is obvious, when you show the benefits being used, you make it easier for people to imagine themselves using it in the same way as they are interpellated into the position of the location or person in the picture.

Digital Art tree house designed for Green Pets America Charities
South Seas getaway designed for TEDx Dupree Park. From Atlanta to Tahiti in a parallel universe
Same image for TEDx re-designed for a Global Warming Education Group

Brand-alignment. Art is an important part of marketing, education, and company literature ensuring the picture matches the brand of the product and the organization. A brand value of “Change” or “Innovative” can be highlighted with unusual and surprising images.

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