Steven Monahan Seeding Greatness.

Some people change their ways when they see the light; others only when they feel the heat

Hi, I’m Steven Monahan. I am the Licensee of TEDx Dupree Park. Former fortune 100 executive. CEO FIDOS DOG FOOD & FIDOS WATER COMPANIES. Founder Director GPA Charities.

For the past two years, I have also been a TEDx licensee and creator of TEDx Dupree Park. TED events are uplifting gatherings of people sharing and seeding their ideas of greatness with the world.

Every day I feel joy and awe for life. We live in a truly wonderful world. While we are living through some trying times right now we are still truly blessed and fortunate. They say life is a journey. And it has certainly been an amazing one for me. I have risen to the heights and walked through the depths of the valley of death. Each struggle brought with it a new awakening. A higher rising, becoming more in love with the magnificence of life.

Each of our special and unique lives is a work in progress. There is both light and dark in each of us. But with a desire to live a good life, service to others curiosity for life, we can rise above the dark, into the light becoming more, awakened, compassionate, and loving every day.

Possess a curiousity, openess and reverence to life and you will open a portal to a world of wonder & awe.

Seeding Greatness

Our Seeding Greatness Foundation is a group of non-profit entities focused on creating a better world. Our passion and focus are the betterment of our planet’s ecosystem and non-violence against the animals of our planet. Our programs are Plant-based Friday Vegan R Us, Gourmet Vegan Magazine, Black Vegan Brand, and Dogfoody

We produced two TEDx events in 2020 & 2021

The theme of our TEDx Dupree Park Events in 2020 & 2021 were Seeding Greatness. Based on one of our guiding life principles summed up in this ancient Greek quote

“Great societies grow, and blossom when its people plant trees, they know they will never sit under.”

Happy picture of our amazing TED speakers who came from across the globe to speak on our TEDx Dupree Park stage in December 2021.

We and our team believe that, across the globe, community elders, leaders, and people must come together and step forward to fiercely and eloquently speak their hope and passion for Peace & the future of mankind. We are awakening and remembering our story of oneness with all; humanity, animals, nature, and this communal blue dot we all call home. Soon we will grow stronger, blossom, and become closer together as a community, humanity, and world”.

Our 2021 TEDx event featured insightful world-class speakers and artists who shared their vision for seeding greatness and changing lives

Atlanta-based speakers include Aurea McGarry, Emmy Award winner; Leah Garcés, president of Mercy for Animals; Mark Hayes, former Good Day Atlanta News Anchor; Dr. Yvette Pegues, Ed.D., chief transformation officer for Your Invisible Disability Group; Joshua Ludlam, speaker, coach, and pastor: and Joseph Gandolfo, M.A., a renowned life coach, speaker, and consultant. Global thought leaders include Sonia Jhas, award-winning wellness expert with more than half a million fans;  Austin Zelan, entrepreneur, investor, and founder of Westgate Fund and Alphanance; Brielle Cotterman, former Mrs. Indiana, World Champion Equestrian, and publicity expert; Radmila Lolly, opera singer, producer and founder/designer of the couture fashion house “Eltara Casata;” George Kramb, Forbes featured the co-founder of PatientPartner; Ruth Rathblott award-winning CEO and inclusion expert; Seanlai, award-winning CEO, author, behaviorist and creator of The Science of Connection; and Moshe Gersht, Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author. 

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