2022 is coming Don’t sell your soul for minimum wage

steven monahan
12 Dec 2021 0 Comments

2022 is coming Don’t sell your soul for minimum wage. Life is too short to waste. You’ve been given the blessing of an independent mind and life. Use them. Don’t sell your soul for minimum wage, there is greatness in you. But to activate those seeds of greatness … you must take action. Will you finally change in 2022?. What is your passion, your talents, your skills? Who do you want to help, inspire, and serve? Do you want to own a business, do you want to teach a skill, do you want to educate, do you want to help others?

Hi, I’m Steven Monahan. I help those who are ready, take ownership of their life. Finding and planting the divine and unique seeds of greatness born within them at birth. I am a prior fortune 100 executive, founder of the GPA Charities and Seeding Greatness foundations. For the past three years, I have also been a TEDx licensee and creator of TEDx Dupree Park. TED events are amazing people sharing and seeding their ideas of greatness with the world.


I teach the art of the Tao and the science of four brain thinking and creating.

The Tao Te Ching is the ancient philosophy and way to live in joy and abundance in this amazing world. The Tao teaches “Wu Wei”. The way of embracing, not resisting, of being not doing, Of creating and manifesting, not struggling and working, Of living with abundance.

This year I experienced the deepest understanding of life, This year through Grace I survived three powerful left brain strokes over a three-month. Neuroscience and Neuropsychology are just now in the last five years’ time understanding how we humans create our lives and our world. We now know the old beliefs of the limited right-brain creative and left-brain thinking is totally wrong.

With my first of three strokes in 3 months’ time my life changed forever. The first stroke hit my left brain. With that my two thinking brains went offline. And, My two right creative brains opened fully while the left brain was partially down. In the next two strokes, things got even scarier and mind-bending. What I personally experienced, learned about our brains, minds, and consciousness, and live with today is what I now teach. I experienced and now know the old beliefs of the limited separation of the left and right brain hemispheres is totally wrong. Neuroscience and neuropsychology have learned the mystery of how our brains think and create in all the separated but communicating four brains of man.

If you’re interested in learning how to seed greatness in your life by becoming a patron of our teaching or just sending love our way, please contact me.