BITCOIN 20minute

15 Jun 2018 0 Comments

ABOUT THE 20 MINUTE guides At 20 Minute guide we research each topic, gather the salient facts from the experts, remove the overly technical jargon, cut to the meat of the issue and deliver it to you in an Executive Overview format. We created 20 Minute Guides to respect your time constraints and demands. We give you the information on each specialized book topic, clear, to the point endeavoring to keep each read to 20 to 30 minutes - considering various readers reading speed. We are all operating today with information overload. To stay above water, we want our information accurate, concise and to the point. We want it straight forward, not slanted in any fashion. If we ask for the time we want it – we don’t want to know how to make a watch, unless we ask. At 20 Minute guide our primary focus is on the new disruptive ideas and technologies. We found the typical article on these new technologies are generally over technical, written for the insiders, or way too empty in facts and relevancy from the general press. We hope you have benefited and enjoyed this particular subject topic of so, please leave a review on Amazon Books and Goodreads. Steven Monahan, Publisher – Author Website: Email:

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