Ask this Question Before Starting a New Business

Ask this Question Before Starting a New Business. In our One Thing Workbook, we talk about the importance of always asking yourself, Why? Why do I want to do this? Why should I choose this one thing over these many things? When we are deciding upon the “One Thing” we want as our career or our vocation, we need to dig deep and ask ourselves lots of questions. One of the first we ask is Why…why do I want to do this one thing? If it does not satisfy a financial, emotional or spiritual need then we should not select it. Nothing works in the long run unless driven by a powerful, emotional why.

Becoming an entrepreneur or business owner is a bit different, however. In starting a business the first question you want to ask yourself is “Who.” Who do I want to serve? When you know who… then you just need to think about “What” they need.

Figuring out who you want to serve first, you can then focus on serving that persons need better than anyone else. Most people starting a business do it backward from this. Believe me, I know, I have done this. We think first about our wants. But that is backward. We need to first think about others wants. Thinking about who we want to serve and what they want should come before our wants. At least if you really want a viable, profitable, personally satisfying and sustainable business. Let’s be honest without a client or customer who wants your idea and will gladly pay for it you have no business.

So, always start with “Who do I want to serve?” Then figure out what they want and will pay you good money for. Then deliver it better than anyone else.

Does that make sense? If not please email me with your thoughts. Love to hear them.