How to Change Your Life

how to change your life

How to change your life. Simple, change your perspective. You change your perspective by changing your thinking. Learn what you control and what you do not. Study Stoicism and you will gradually change your perspective.

Seeding Greatness VideoTEDx Dupree Park

Seeding Greatness VideoTEDx Dupree Park. Please enjoy our new Seeding Greatness video on the vision of TEDx Dupree Park, Woodstock, Georgia. Our TEDx event will be premiered in November 2020. The location is Woodstock, Georgia. The re-scheduled live event date is set for November 20, 2020.

TEDx Dupree Park – Seeding Greatness

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The Art of Compassionate Listening

The Art of Compassionate Listening. Listening is both an art and a gift. Listening has the power to transmute pain into love.

Years back after miraculously surviving a terminal illness I left the corporate world behind. I started a nonprofit food Pantry to Feed the pets of families in need. While we had volunteers to deliver the food I enjoyed bringing it myself some days, just to get to sit with and spend time with the people we served and their pets. We would just sit on the porch or in the front room and talk.

I am somewhat ashamed to say that when I was in the corporate world I listened little, and talked much. I gave a lot of direction and made a lot of decisions. But in my new service life, I spent time with people and listened, more than talked. I listened to their stories. Their ups and their downs. Their dreams and their nightmares.

When I would be heading out they always asked me to come back. To come back and sit a minute with them and talk. They said it made them feel so much better about themselves and made them start thinking again about things they could do. Things they gave up before, but now seemed, well, maybe just possible again.

After a couple of years of meeting with people. Rich, poor, and in between I realized that the one thing we all have in common is we want to be heard. More than want … we need to be heard. And we need to be seen and touched and made to feel alive. I realized that just listening to someone did many of these things. It made them feel better. Better about themselves, and better about the world.

In this time of COVID-19 and isolation from one another, we should keep these universal human needs in mind. We are not meant to be separated from our fellow souls.

I also realized that I was not only a leader, and a talker as I was in Corporate life, but I was a listener. I came to see that listening was my gift. I never thought of the simple act of listening as an art, But, it is. Listening is an art, almost today a lost art. Conscious, intent, and loving listening have the power to transform lives.

It took a very close encounter with death to change my life. I used that to start a nonprofit to change lives. I never realized however that sitting with people, being kind, patient, and just listening to them could change lives as well.

Truth is if we want to change the world we have to start by changing ourselves first. And then to change others we sometimes don’t have to do more than just compassionately, intently and with all the love you have within you, sit quietly and just listen to them.

Listening has the power to transmute pain into love.

Listening transforms lives. Your listening allows someone in pain to be heard. And when heard, you can relieve their pain and transform it to love. And, with love in their hearts, they can now transform themselves.

Steven Monahan Creator of TEDx Dupree Park. Foundry of Green Pets America Charities. Animal Welfare Philanthropist. Writer on the Stoic and Taoist philosophies of living.

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You will learn more about yourself from this virus in months than you learned in years of good times

You will learn more about yourself from this virus in months than you learned in years of good times.

You make decisions never knowing fully if the will work out or not.

That is the only choice you have if you want to move forward.

That is the only choice you have if you do not want to be paralyzed at this moment.

You can assume, you can pray, you can wish and you can believe. Yet in the end, you cannot know for certain.

You never really know what tomorrow may bring.

But, you act anyway.

What other choice is there?

Despite this unknowing, you made brave choices every day.

Think about it.

You reached out to someone, without knowing if your love would be rejected or returned.

You trusted in someone not knowing if you would be hurt or treated right.

You did many things not knowing if they would work out as planned.

Yet you tried, knowing you might fail.

You walked knowing you may trip.

You ran knowing you might fall.

You trusted things would work out.

But if they didn’t work out, you did not quit.

You got up and tried again…. and again…and again

You have learned more by failing than succeeding.

You grew from the hard times faster than from the good times.

You will learn more about yourself from this virus in months than you learned in years of good times.

You will come out of this wiser.

You will come out of this happier.

You will come out of this knowing what is really important .. and what is just a trivial distraction.

Your world always moves forward. Your world always gets better. Your world always follows its path … even if you don’t know it.

You never know for certain if your decision will work out, but you act anyway.

So today do what you have always done.

Move forward even if you are frozen in fear.

Be happy, even if you feel down.

You and the world are growing and learning.

You will never have this day again. Savor it and love it.

But as in the past, if it does not go as hoped for …you will get back up, brush yourself off and start again. That is the course of your life. This is the miracle of your life.

May peace and love guide your every step. Namaste

Steven Monahan

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