Chalice Over Blade

Chalice Over Blade. What is the Chalice and what is the blade?

We need to think outside the box of patriarchy and matriarchy and find a new story that unites the world, beginning with the most fundamental difference in our species, between male and female

Riana Eisler

The Chalice

PARTNERSHIP. The Chalice represents a Gylany Leadership. Linking of men and women equally leading society. A partnership society. Women & men in partnership leading creating, nurturing, and sustaining leadership. It is Consciousness itself. The chalice’s power is rooted in its energetic anabolic, expansive, fearless, empathic, unconditional, grateful, awe-inspired, flowing, experiential, open, energy source, It fosters the ability to engender creative sustainable innovation, resulting in tremendous influence in how social organizations grow in consciousness and evolve into the voices of all partnership member societies. It recognizes itself as a wave in the entire ocean. It is predominately activated in the two right brain hemispheres. In consciousness, there is no material form of time and space. Development and change manifest with quantum intent. It is outside the Matrix. It is the ethereal form of life, not the material form of life. It is Yin.

The Blade

DOMINATOR, The blade is the symbol of Andocratic Leadership. Or Androcracy of men over women. . Unawakened living. Living an unconscious catabolic energetic physical only life. It is an ego-dominated life of destruction and spiritual and bodily death. It is competitive, cautious, fear-based, stern, conditional, doubting, bullying, manipulative, self-promoting, possessing a dual either-or, egocentric driven thinking. It sees itself separate, not one with the world. It sees itself as separate not one with all others. It thinks it is the wave, but not the ocean.

The power of the blade is therefore unsatiable and unsustainable as it is rooted in fear, domination, using the constant threat, and use of force. In Jungian, it is the deepest and darkest shadow side of our personality. It is predominately activated in the catabolic energy left brain hemisphere thinking. It is that which is inside the Matrix. It is the Maya or form of life, not the formless essence of life. It is Yang.

Gylany Mentoring & Coaching

In our Gylamic coaching process, the Mentee’s level of Consciousness expands whereby realizing they are a spiritual self having a physical life.

If that level is reached the mentee then moves along the path to realize and manifest their highest and grandest purpose in this physical life experience

Mentee with continued discussions then clarifies their life’s intentions to discover how to as aware Consciousness itself, manifest and live from the inside out. Living in Awe & Wonder each day. They learn how to live in the moment and decide what to do at this moment and the next moment. Learning to trust their inner guidance, and act from their conscious inside guidance, no longer from the driving ego that has been creating confusion and uncertainty. Finally, they align their personality with their Consciousness. Their purpose and being become one. They learn how to be a Conscious beings experiencing a human life.

We are the the One – We are the Wave and the Ocean

Steven Monahan

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