Creating a Life Philosophy

If you haven’t done so yet, you should consider figuring out your Life Philosophy. Creating a Life Philosophy will help you keep things in perspective. especially in these dramatic and accelerating changing times.

As I and many I know get older and wiser, we notice we have developed a life philosophy that is particular to us and our unique journey

Steven Monahan

I realize my own is to keep trying to understand the eternity and wonder of the higher perfect spiritual realm. and try to reconcile it with its seemingly lower im-perfect material world.

Creating a Life Philosophy

There is no shortcut to unearthing and discovering what you have become. It takes some exploration of your hidden areas of mind and spirit. This can only be accomplished by embracing the unknowing mind of God and the creation of a life of opposing tensions and opposites. And accepting and embracing our own Karma, following our own gut hunches, and no longer criticizing, but loving and embracing our own unique weirdness.