Steven Monahan on Telling Stories

We tell remarkable Stories via Words and Art

Steven Monahan
Organizer Creator TEDx Dupree Park, TEDx Arlington Park, CEO Green Planet Animals Charities
steven monahan

As a writer, artist and TEDx Organizer I believe stories are the best way to enlighten minds and open hearts. Telling & sharing stories {Verse or image} is an art. Artfully spoken or designed stories are the only way to make a deep human connection and convey an amazing idea

Steven Monahan

What it’s like to die …and come back

Steven Monahan

TEDx Dupree Park, opening words of Steven Monahan

TEDx 2021 Dupree Park. Introduction of Steven Monahan by Darryll Stinson. Steven has three strokes in the middle of producing the event. He could not attend the event so Darryll shared Steve’s taped Steve’s words to welcome the attendees on the day of the TEDx event. The words are a bit hard to hear as Steve Was still unable to fully talk or see.

Picture Stories

In addition to telling stories in person, on stage, or in movies, or in live TED Talks, or, we can tell stories just through images. Either way telling a story is universal. Since the stone age stories are hard-wired into our souls and hearts. Stories and images help us connect to one another in a meaningful and wonderful way.

In addition to telling and sharing stories by TEDx events, Steve creates stories by images. Here are just a few image stories.

Mother earth

Brand Art

Brand Education. Visual Learning. People don’t always understand what you are marketing is for or how to use it to the best effect. Pictures show this. Sying ‘here’s how to do it or ‘look, it’s easy. Even if it is obvious, when you show the benefits being used, you make it easier for people to imagine themselves using it in the same way as they are interpellated into the position of the location or person in the picture.

Brand-alignment. Art is an important part of marketing, education, and company literature. The goal is to ensure the visual image conveys the product and the organization. A brand value of “Change” or “Innovative” can be highlighted with unusual and surprising images.

South Seas getaway designed for TEDx Dupree Park. From Atlanta to Tahiti in a parallel universe
The same image for TEDx was re-designed for a Global Warming Education piece

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