Dr. Michael Good TEDx Talk

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8 May 2022 0 Comments

Dr. Michael Good TEDx Talk. Dr. Good DVM TEDx Talk was presented globally in 2020. Dr. Good talks about his love of animals. Overcoming many challenges he became a well-known and beloved Veterinarian in Georgia and Nationally. Michael Good became a veterinarian because of his love for animals.

This TEDx Dupree Park was made in December 2020 and was held virtually in 2020 due to the COVID-19 lockdown for live events. TEDx Dupree Park did hold their 2021 event live in Woodstock, Georgia at the Woodstocks Art Center in December 2021.

Sadly Dr. Good died in 2021 six months after he made his 2020 TED Talk. Dr. Good and I were friends and fellow animal rescuers, and he shared with me he watched TED Talks regularly and always wanted to do one. I am so happy we were able to help his wish come true before he passed away.

Michael was a kind and loving man. I was in the process of having regular conversations with Michael on Sundays, the only day he took a few hours away for himself. I was interviewing him to help him write and publish his autobiography. We tentatively titled the book, A Son Day Kind of Love. Michaels’s dad left him but came back into his life for Sunday visits while Michael was in Grammar school. They had wonderful conversations every Sunday. Michael credits his Dad for his desire to better himself and serve others and especially the animals he so loved.

Dr. Michael Good: we all called him the Good Doctor, was kind to everyone; outgoing, and bigger than Life. He will live for eternity. I am deeply blessed and proud to call him my friend, Steven Monahan, TEDx licensee and organizer. CEO Seeding Greatness.

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