Four Brain Thinking

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Whole Brain Living is Jill Bolte’s latest book, written since Jill’s TED TALK video that took the world through the day she was living through a major left brain stroke. The story of the minute-by-minute happening, from her inside her mind thoughts the day of her stroke. Her TED Talk, Stroke of Genius is the top-watched TED Talk ever. It has been viewed 28 MILLION times.

Both her TED Talk and now her new anticipated book, Whole Brain Living have drastically changed what we have been taught about our brains and human psychology. Whole Brain Living is truly a game-changing, paradigm shift of thinking of the complexity and power of the human brain.

I have studied philosophy, metaphysics, and science for forty years. From Taoism to ancient Indian mystics, Greeks, and the Stoicis down to today’s philosophers like Nietzsche and Carl Jung. But, to me, Whole Brain Living is a first-time-ever actual science-based and personal experience explanation, versus philosophical-based theories on how we create our lives.

If you seek peace. If you seek Joy. And deep, connected meaning to your daily life you will enjoy and be fulfilled by immersing yourself in “Whole Brain Living”. I also highly recommend her first book “Stroke of Insight”.

Four Brain Thinking

My personal journey with a Left Brain Stroke

Two years ago I had a left-brain stroke as Jill had. Actually, I had left-brain strokes. Somewhat ironically I experienced this string of strokes in my left brain Type A, highly logical, linear sequential thinking left brain while producing my TEDx live event for 2021.

With the first stroke, the left side thinking area brain was impacted for a few months. two months another stroke blinded my left eye.

Four Brain Thinking

When I experienced each stroke I had no pain. But in an instant, I was changed.

Stephen Monahan

Although I lost sight in one eye, lost my speech, and had memory gaps, But, I was still alive. I could still walk. Considering all the trauma to my brain and body I oddly was not down. I was feeling joyful, serene, and unbelievably blessed.

After my stroke, I began researching and learning the most current breakthroughs in Neuroscience and Quantum Physics to fully understand how our four brains and consciousness relate to one another. In that quest, I watched her TED Talk and then read both of Jill Bolte’s amazing books.

Her new book, Whole Brain Living, is an insightful read. It is an inspiring, upbeat, and easy-to-grasp guide for everyone, who is on a path of knowledge and self-improvement.

Whether we know it or not we humans naturally search for happiness and joy and an end to unhappiness or suffering. And we are hard-wired to find meaning, and purpose in our lives.

Four Brain Thinking

After watching Jill’s TED Talk and then reading her story of what she experienced and what happens to some people with a left-brain stroke I now understand what was happening to my mind and brain. But, while I was living this nightmare I had no words to explain it. But now because of her stroke and explaining the workings of our four brains I have the words and understanding. My stroke has been a priceless gift. A gift of a new life. A gift of awakening to the ability to traverse two totally opposite ways of living on earth. Bringing with it joy, peace of mind, and total understanding.Dying to your old way of thinking.

Eckhard Tolle in his best-selling book, the Power of Now shares that the secret to creating and living a new life is to die to your old way of thinking before you die.  When I read that passage it did not rationally explain how that could happen. How do we die, before we die? But, since experiencing my own brain strokes I now understand. That morning my thinking died when my left brain and the full opening up of my right brain stopped. The right expansive, collective, holistic, and all-understanding right brain, opened and I was a new person. Today, I access both sides of my brain, something only five {5%} of humans ever experience. Most of humanity is locked in their left logical side, unaware of how to access on demand their right hemisphere brains for creative thinking, idea generation, and the holistic unified thinking side of themselves.

When we control our organizing, linear brain through mindfulness and meditation our right hemisphere creative brain number three immediately activates. It is then that we are totally different beings. Our thinking and thoughts are of an almost different person, living at a higher level of awareness, and consciousness. In that realm, we are in a place of perfect peace and happiness. Hinduism and Buddhism, call it Nirvana. Neuroscience and mystics say it is the highest state of consciousness and knowledge that one can attain while still in a body.

Jill Bolte’s TED TALK

View Jills TED Talk. You will find it quite eye-opening and inspiring in understanding the potential within you to dramatically change how to think, feel and live.