Future of Pet Retail in America

Future of Pet Retail in America. The groundbreaking book Rescue Renew Rehome is an outside the box strategy on the merger of the pet retail industry and the animal sheltering industry.

Rescue Renew Rehome is authored by animal welfare leader Steven Monahan the founder of Green Pets America Charities in Atlanta, Georgia and author of Art of the Black Dog, and Project Black Dog Adoption. Steven has been recognized by his home State of Georgia for humanitarian efforts on behalf of Georgia families and pets.

In addition to the Strategy of creating Pet Retail and Adoption destination centers…think Disney for Pets…there are heart-warming stories on dog rescue, assist dogs at the Pentagon during 911, and data on the pet industry in America.

Rescue Renew Rehome: Future of Pet Retail and Pet Adoption in America has earned 5 Star reviews and praise for its groundbreaking idea of merging the pet industry and animal shelter industry to end pet homelessness in America. You may want to check it out today on Amazon books and other book retailers.