Goals. 7 Steps to Achieve Every Goal You Set

Goals are the “fuel” that you use to live your life by.  Some of your goals are very large, critically important, strategic and long-term. While your other goals are small, easy, every day and short-term.

No matter their focus however you must have them in your life. Goals are the structure of life. Without goals there is no structure, no direction, no purpose and nothing to motivate you to be a functioning human being. If you have no goals you will simply follow others, and fall for the next scheme society tells you to follow.

I believe deeply, as did Ralph Waldo Emerson in Self-Reliance. My publishing firm even republished it for others to read and become self-reliant as well .One of his strongest and bluntest quotes by Emerson on self-reliance is very clear on the importance of being self-reliant in this world.

Nature suffers nothing to remain in her kingdom which cannot help itself.

We cannot be self-reliant if we do not take control of our destiny. We cannot control our destiny if we cannot control, and set the course for our own life. And we cannot do that unless we set goals for our life, and move forward every day towards their achievement.

So, if you also believe as I do in self-reliance, and you want to control your own life, not allowing your boss or others to do it, you need to decide what you want, set a goal to achieve it, and an action plan to achieve the goal. We go back to what I laid out in the opening. You need to decide what you want short-term or long-term and set goals to “fuel” you towards them.

So let’s start then. Setting the goal is easy. Achieving it however takes energy and persistence. It is much simpler than you think however.

I have broken goals and achieving them into 7 simple steps. Follow these steps and you will always achieve your goals. Don’t follow them and you won’t…it’s up to you.

  1. Set the Goal.
  2. List 5 or more things you will do daily to achieve your goal.
  3. Do those things daily.
  4. Don’t focus daily on the Goal.
  5. Focus only on the actions you listed
  6. Don’t measure yourself by where you are towards your goal.
  7. Measure yourself only on how you are following each action, each day.

I know this all sounds simple..but it really is. The “point is in the action, not in the goal”. Lets say you want to lose 10 pounds in 60 days. That is your goal. As soon as you set that goal you list 5 or more things you will do as “actions” to achieve your goal. They could be, Stop drinking soda and sugar drinks, stop eating fast food for 60 days, exercise for 1 hour every day for 60 days, read books about exercise and eating well for 60 days ,and perhaps cut your meal portions by 30 percent for 60 days.

Now, if you focus on the “actions” and not the “goal” of loosing 10 pounds you will probably achieve the goal. But, if like most people you focus on the weight …the goal itself…you won’t. Why, because in three days after you set the goal and have started doing the 5 things you will weigh yourself. And you may not have lost an ounce. You will get discouraged. You will beat yourself up mentally. Your mood will become negative and not positive as when you first set the goal and you may give up in 3 days.

But if you set goals in life, list what you will do to achieve them and then simply go about doing them eventually with persistence and the passing of time you will achieve them. So in recap; focus on actions and not on goals. When you create and achieve your goals you will become the maker of your life. You will become self-reliant. And you will build a purposeful life.

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