Green Pets America Sponsoring TEDx Dupree Park in 2020

Green Pets America Sponsoring TEDx Dupree Park in 2020. Green Pets America Charities – is proud to be the sponsoring organization for one of the global TEDx event this year: TEDx Dupree Park, Woodstock Georgia. Our theme is Seeding Greatness. We will bring 20 thought leaders from across America to our stage to share outside the box ideas on Animal Welfare, Species Extinction, Plant-Based Eating, ending cruelty in Factory Farming, Mindfulness, Micro philanthropy, Reseeding our forests, and other opportunities to seed greatness in a world of change. #GreenPetsAmerica, #tedxdupreepark

By Steven Monahan

Steve Monahan helps people find their purpose in life. Steven was a successful Fortune 100 executive, who after given three months to live travailed a three-year journey: survived and awakened to the deepest meaning of life