How My TEDx Dream Came True

9 Nov 2021 0 Comments

How My TEDx Dream Came True. Hi, I’m Steven Monahan, Licensee Organizer and the creator of TEDx Dupree Park, just outside of Atlanta, Ga. This TEDx dream come true just reiterates to me that Life is magical.

These are just not happy words. These are words, I live by, manifest, and reap the fruits of in my own life. This TEDx Dupree Park event is just a current example. This magical journey started in 2019 when we received a TEDx license from TED.

2021 TEDx Dupree Speakers came from around the world, seeding greatness.

How My TEDx Dream Came True

We built a team and a community, planned, and were ready to present our event live in the spring of 2020. Then COVID appeared and changed the world and with it our plans for a live event. It stopped the world but did not cancel our dream,

In December 2020 we presented the event virtually. But our dream of a Live event still did not die. We started again and prepared with a new team and speakers to present live in the fall of 2021.

Then life threw another obstacle in our way. I got a bad case of Covid in February, then still with Covid, I had a massive stroke in March that took away my speech. Then another stroke in April blinded my left eye and damaged my logical, organized, left brain. My hard-charging ego-self instantly mellowed. The constant chattering and thinking ended. And in that void, a strange to me, calm and peaceful awakening occurred. I have now learned that happened as my right brain hemisphere was freed.

And that’s when things became trippy and magical. I sheepishly shared with a friend that my body felt like it was being erased away at the ends. I felt like I was not leaving my body … but my body was leaving me. I was here, but it was fading. That ended after a bit of time and I was somewhat back again. My organized, logical left brain was opening up again. And somewhat sadly with it the quiet and peace of a voiceless ego I was experiencing started fading away.

Then another stroke in May blinded my right eye. By now I was living one day and one moment at a time. I was losing energy and weight quickly. I was tired but could not sleep at night. I would drift off into low-wave sleep, half-awake and half-dreaming that I was lost, and could never find my way back home.

How My TEDx Dream Came True

I finally prayed and asked for answers. Can I continue living? Have I gone mad? Can I still complete this TED event? How do I do this? I need a purpose to pull me out of this! The first quiet response was yes you should continue. Then in the next few days, the response was Trust, and I will show you the way. I believed and trusted. Shortly after that release of control; and accepting whatever outcome would happen a calm and joyful peace returned. I thought this is really odd, I’m dying but feel only bliss.

Out of the blue amazing people showed up from seemingly nowhere to finish our TED vision. They wanted only to help. The vision and dream moved forward. And on November 5, 2021, the dream came true. The event happened. Speakers came from across America and Israel and Russia. They were amazing. The whole thing was beautiful and inspiring and will change so many lives. The team held together and carried forward the vision. They did not waver, They kept moving forward seeding greatness.

I was unable to be there in body but was with them all in spirit. I am getting my mind, brain, and body slowly back. The body weakens, but the spirit never dies. Having felt my body fade yet still alive I now know we are immortal.

Every adversity has within it a gift. A gift to learn, to grow, and to awaken to the limitless, boundless joyful world hidden right in plain sight.

Amore Fate, Love and embrace your fate. Everything happens for your good.

How My TEDx Dream Came True by Steven Monahan, Licensee, Organizer TEDx Dupree Park, Woodstock, Ga. USA.

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