How To Close Every Sale

23 May 2018 0 Comments

How To Close Every Sale.

Happiness is a beautiful feeling. Happiness is what we all seek. But, getting to joy in sales requires a trip. A trip through a town named, PAIN.

I will admit, while I have always at first avoided the trip, I’ve learned more and grown more, from pain and difficult times than I’ve discovered from happiness and carefree times.

So what does pain have to do with sales you may be wondering by now? My point is this, to sell – or more appropriately – influence someone… you as a salesperson must help them get relief from their business problems…their business pain.

Frankly, I don’t know anyone who is looking for relief from Happiness. But I do know many business owners looking for relief from pain.

To help your client and become a high paid sales-person you must learn to uncover and then always relieve your prospects pain.

Oh, and by the way if you think SELL is a 4-letter word you need to figure out why you believe that because SELL is a profitable word.

And while you’re at it, if you are uncomfortable with SELL’s sisters’ MONEY and PROFIT you will never really succeed or be happy and prosperous in sales or marketing.

My experience in business has shown me that people who hate the words SELL, PROFIT and MONEY – for some reason love the word POOR.

Now, let’s get to the heart of this sales lesson. Do you close every sale? If selling is a challenge for you, and if you don’t close most of your prospects, then please take a look at the following seven questions to help you successfully close the majority of your sales prospects.


Ask your customers these questions as you get to know each other.

  1. What keeps them awake at night, staring at the ceiling?
  2. What are they afraid of?
  3. What are they angry about?
  4. What are their top three daily frustrations?
  5. What challenges are occurring in their business or personal life?
  6. What do they, really desire most for their business?
  7. Figure out if there is a built-in bias to the way they make decisions?

(Example: engineers, tech people = exceptionally analytical. Sales-people are more emotional)

  1. Do they have trust issues?
  2. Who else is meeting with them selling something similar to your service or product?
  3. Who else tried selling them something similar, and what happened?

How To Close Every Sale. So, let’s recap. In sales, we need to ask salient questions to uncover our prospects needs… and solve our prospects business pain. In addition to asking incise questions, we also need to do a lot of listening. We have two ears and one mouth. I suggest you keep that ratio in mind and listen twice as much as you talk. During your conversation with your prospect do not attempt a closing until you can satisfy these pain issues for your prospect.

Remember, be honest, be caring, be compassionate. Relax and don’t rush. Spend most of your time with a prospect in the interviewing process. Make sure you and the client see the needs, wants and most of all, the pain that will go away with the purchase of your service or product.

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