Matter Energy and all Existence-Quantum Physics for You and Me

Matter Energy and all Existence-Quantum Physics for You and Me
26 Aug 2022 0 Comments

Matter Energy and all Existence-Quantum Physics for You and Me. In this short article, on a long and complicated subject, you will learn who created quantum physics, who the heck is Schrodinger’s Cat, and what Quantum Physics hopes for a better future for humanity and this planet.

Quantum physics is a radically totally original relatively new branch of science that studies the behavior and properties of matter and energy at the atomic and subatomic levels. The word “quantum” comes from Latin, meaning “how much,” as in quantum theory.

Quantum physics is the quanta science of the very small. It describes how atoms and subatomic particles behave. Quantum physics may seem counterintuitive at first, but it has been proven correct again and again by experimenters around the world.

In quantum physics, the interpretation of particles, waves, and the nature of their relationship is quite different from classical material physics. As a perpetual seeker of knowledge about life, I am both amazed and hopeful for raising the consciousness of mankind as it radically questions the very belief in physical matter.

Quantum Theory is the work of a number of scientists who contributed to quantum theory. We will explore the genius creators’ of Quantum Physics in a future article, but one such scientist was Erwin Schrodinger who created what is known as Schrodinger’s Cat.

Schrodinger’s Cat is a thought experiment created by Nobel-Prize-winning physicist Erwin Schrödinger in 1935. The thought experiment asks that one imagine a cat in a box with a poison atom and a radioactive atom, which have a 50% chance of decaying over an hour but are not observed until after the event. Initially, both atoms have an equal probability of decaying; but since the decay does not become public knowledge until after it happens, the state of the cat is indeterminate until then. The cat is alive and dead until it is determined by opening the box and looking at it. What the human observer believes will create his fate. Dead or alive. Whaaaat? Schrodinger’s Cat has been used to illustrate the counterintuitive nature of quantum mechanics and is often used as an analogy for consciousness

We are in a period of history where many no longer trust science, religion, and even supposed truths and facts as presented to us. We need reassurance that things are going the right way and given our current situation, many today sometimes feel uneasy about the world right now. But there is hope in a new world and new consciousness. This can only be achieved if we have more knowledge about the world to understand its complexity better. Quantum Physics is bringing us that critical needed unbiased knowledge.

Matter Energy and all Existence-Quantum Physics for You and Me

Quantum physics and quantum mechanics are two of the universe’s most complex and incomprehensible topics. The beliefs of the greatest and most conscious minds believe that the findings and theories of quantum physics can not only make our lives better but also make us hopeful for a bright future for humanity and our planet.

For today, you can thank quantum physics for your microwave, phone, and internet — as well as smart cars and a host of medical advances to treat everything from cancer to AIDS. But it’s also led to some strange ideas about how the universe works, like the multiverse: a hypothetical collection of universes parallel to our own where things might be different. Some argue that we should factor in the multiverse when considering grand questions like whether life exists beyond Earth.

So, as you can see Quantum physics could redefine how we see ourselves, the world, and all of life. As quantum physics advances, it raises the hope that it will make human life better. The technology of computing and communications is changing our lives for the better.

In ending this article, the question is, will quantum physics make human life better? My belief is a definite yes!

Matter Energy and all Existence-Quantum Physics for You and Me by Steven Monahan – Creator of Vega Quantum Philosophy.