One Thing Workbook Review

One Thing Workbook Review. Amazon. The One Thing Workbook is written by Steven Monahan. Inspirational work! The author’s voice conveys concern, caring, and optimism, creating a positive and inspiring book.

Steven Monahan, has the necessary experience, confidence, and trustworthiness to persuade readers they can achieve greatness in life by living their one thing. Steven is a prior Fortune 100 executive, who after surviving a difficult, terminal illness embracing the ancient and simple philosophies of living of Taoism and Stoicism. Steven is a TEDx Licensee and Organizer. The theme TEDx Dupree Park, 2020, and 2021 is Seeding Greatness. Focusing on the One Thing we are here for in this amazing world of potential. How we can focus our unique genius as we also simplify our lives and care for others.

The One Thing Workbook is divided into three sections.

Part One: Finding Your One Thing: self-exploration; personality tests.

Part Two: Achieving Your One Thing: vision; mission; strategy.

Part Three: Maintaining Your One Thing: creative shift; technological shift; gratitude; live in the present.

Chapter by chapter you will learn step by step, your specific personality type, your strengths and weaknesses, your special talents and calling. You will learn perhaps for the first time ever based on your strengths how to identify your mission, version and strategies to achieve your lifes one special thing. And finally you will leran how to live in gratitude and each day live with less stress, enjoying the present moment.

The One Thing Workbook is truly an inspiring and uplifting book.