One Thing Workbook Review

Steven Monahan

One Thing Workbook Review on Amazon. The One Thing Workbook is written by Steven Monahan. An Inspirational work! The author’s voice conveys concern, caring, and optimism; creating a positive and inspiring book.

Steven Monahan, has the necessary experience, confidence, and trustworthiness to persuade readers they can achieve radical joy in life by finding who they truly are, and then their passion and then living their one thing.

Steven Monahan is the licensee and Organizer of TEDx Dupree Park. He is a twice death survivor, now teaching how to create and live daily a radical & joyful life before we die. Steven is a successful former fortune 100 executive.

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The One Thing Workbook is divided into three sections.

Part One: Finding Your One Thing: self-exploration; personality tests.

Part Two: Achieving Your One Thing: vision; mission; strategy.

Part Three: Maintaining Your One Thing: creative shift; technological shift; gratitude; live in the present.

In the One Thing Workbook, you will learn step by step, your specific personality type, your strengths and weaknesses, and your special talents and calling. You will learn perhaps for the first time ever, based on your experiential and emotional strengths how to identify your passion, mission, and implement strategies to achieve your divine and purposeful, and unique to you, one special thing. And finally you will learn how to live a radical and joyful life before you die. Living in gratitude and each day with less stress, and fear, enjoying the present moment.

The One Thing Workbook is truly an inspiring and uplifting book.