Overcoming Your Fear of Success – Wisdom of the Wolf

13 Feb 2019 0 Comments

Overcoming Your Fear of Success – Wisdom of the Wolf

Don’t trust your scattered mind, it speaks strong and loudly, but it’s merely the voice of the failures of the past, and the trembling fears that a successful future you, will leave it behind.

Don’t trust your emotions, they are always stressed, in flight or fight mode, frightened and dangerously illogical.

Do trust your Heart. It speaks the Truth. For it’s the primordial wolf of you buried deep below the rubble of fallen dreams, past pains and distrust of others. When your mind and your emotions are still you hear its voice flowing up from the tranquil waters of life below. Trust it, for it is the only thing in this world of Maya that is real. It is your inner wolf, your primordial spirit guiding you forward, filled with love and unending success for you and others.

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