Philip Wollen TED Talk from Steven Monahan

Good Morning Friends Here is one of the best examples of an eloquent and inspiring TED talk. I have followed Phillip Wollen for many years. We have walked a similar path; from being corporate executives in a Global bank to leaving wealth, and material life behind to save this planet’s fellow sentient souls, the animals trapped in the golden net of the life force of the cosmos. 

I warn you it will open your mind but break your heart. But, as Phillip noted the world today is crying out for truth. Each of us is here in this world, at this time for a higher reason. We must have the courage to face it and to act …now.

If you feel a calling to join us on this quest just let me know, email me directly at

Stephen Monahan is a former Fortune 100 executive who became disenchanted with the material world and left at the peak of his career.

He then started studying modern philosophy, quantum physics, and ancient religions. He studies Jung, Einstein, Bohr, Buddhism, Christianity, Rumi, Lao Tzu, Taoism, Ancient Greek philosophy, Socrates, Marcus Aurelius, Stoicism, and more.

Stephen founded an animal welfare foundation, and the Seeding Greatness Foundation, licensing and organizing TED events.