Steven Monahan Story Marketing

Steven Monahan Story Marketing

Hello, My name is Steven Monahan. I’m a prior Fortune 100 executive whose focus was developing successful marketing strategies to grow our products and company. Today I am an author and marketing consultant to small business entrepreneurs.

Let me share this thought with you on marketing. I believe it will give you insight into my approach to helping business entrepreneurs grow a business they will enjoy spending their precious days at.

My marketing career has shown me that there are many axioms in marketing that business entrepreneurs break on a frequent basis. Here are two of the primary rules entrepreneur business owner break. I honestly feel that most small businesses do not understand the core of marketing. Social media with its desire to only scale up has ruined many marketing maxims.

Two important marketing maxims are:

1. Know yourself, and

2. Know your ideal customer.

As a local business entrepreneur you must be thoughtful and market with a purpose. First – Know who you are. Then know the customers you want to spend your precious time with.

Let me ask you this, how often have you spent half your morning with a supposed potential client that was not really interested in making a change in their life or business, not listening to your story, held values and beliefs antagonistic to yours…and perhaps not even able to afford your professional fee? Be honest…how often?

You’re the brighter crayon in the pack … don’t market to everyone with a heart beat, and don’t shove inferior crap down their throats. Leave that to Facebook and telemarketers. You are intelligent, kind and smarter than they are.

Remember and act on this maxim daily. It is not widely known or acted on.

“People buy the Story of You”

“People don’t buy what you do or sell, they buy the story of you, and how you make them feel. 

Steven Monahan

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