Stop Giving A Damn About Everything


Stop giving a damn about everything. But do a big damn about one thing. Care only about what is important. Don’t give a second thought to everything else. Screw what others think. Screw what others have. Screw what others want. What do you want? Screw everything else. You can’t have a passion for everything, but you can have a passion for one thing.

Don’t hide in the darkness. Bathe in the light.

Stop being pissed off, about always being pissed off. Stop being mad at yourself, for always being mad at yourself. Stop being unhappy, for always being unhappy. Get over your ego. Get over your feelings. Get over your thoughts. They are barriers.

Everything you give a damn about owns you. Less is better. More is worse.

When I could not stand my f*****g career anymore I became free. When I gave a damn I was blind. When I finally didn’t give a damn what would happen and quit at the height of my career, I rose to a new height. I saw the light. It was always there. I just couldn’t see it in the darkness.

Fall down often. Just get up. Fail often. Just don’t quit. The more you fight your fears, the stronger your fears get.

Stop perusing feeling happy. Stop perusing enlightenment. You are the Light. By perusing it you are telling yourself and everyone else you are not happy and not enlightened. You don’t pursue what you already have. You pursue what you think you don’t have. The more you pursue the light the darker it gets.

Stop giving a f**k about all the small crap. When you stop chasing what you want, it will chase you. Alan Watts, the Zen philosopher called it the Backwards Law.

Don’t build more walls of fear in your mind. Knock them down. They are not solid. Let them blow away. The more walls of fear you build, the bigger your prison becomes.The bigger the minds prison walls the darker it gets.

When there are no walls, the light shine’s in.