The Art of Compassionate Listening

The Art of Compassionate Listening
24 Mar 2020 0 Comments

The Art of Compassionate Listening. Listening is both an art and a gift. Listening has the power to transmute pain into love. Years back after miraculously surviving a terminal illness I left the corporate world behind. I started a nonprofit food Pantry to Feed the pets of families in need. While we had volunteers to …

Broken world, sad little girl, a tear by Steven Monahan

26 May 2017 0 Comments

Broken world: sad little girl, a tear. A tear dropped from her eye. I said Kaitlin what’s the matter? She said grandpa I don’t know. She said I just feel sad. I asked her why. She said because Mommy is sad. Oh, I said and why is Mommy sad. Mommy said the world is broken. I knew …