The Improbable Human & Dog Bond

The Improbable Human & Dog Bond

The Improbable Human & Dog Bond. Since inception, we’ve had fits and fights with our fellow humans. But in an improbable way, we share a deep and trusting closeness with a group of sentient beings we call our dogs, Canis familiaris. 

For tens of thousands of years, man and dog have had a trust and bond for one another. They guarded our campfires and watched over our farms and livestock, in exchange for food and a warm place to sleep under the moon of eerie nights.

As time progressed on this improbable bond despite continual advances in technologies and civilizations this divine unbroken bond never died. The Dog and Human bond are deeper, closer, and as symbiotically important today as it was when first we came together.

Excerpt- The Improbable Human and Dog Bond

Steven – the dog man– Monahan. Founder of the gold star rated Animal Welfare Charities, Green Pets America Charities