The Path to Shambala

The Way to Shambala

“Amidst the peaks of Himalayas high, Lies a city hidden from the mortal eye,

Where dwell enlightened beings wise, Whose spiritual power doth mesmerize.

The masters of Shambhala’s land, possess knowledge grace, and grand, Guiding seekers on path to light, And showing them the inner sight.

Central to Shambhala and Theosophy, Is the concept of masters’ philosophy, whose advanced knowledge they share, To aid others in their spiritual affair.

Many expeditions have been tried, To find this city that doth hide, The allure of its mystical grace, And the promise of enlightenment’s embrace.

In search of spiritual knowledge and might, Masters’ guidance plays a crucial plight, For those seeking the path to light, Shambhala’s wisdom is a beacon bright”

image copyright Stephen Monahan

The Path to Shambala, Steven C Monahan