The Search for Alice in Wonderland Jungian Coaching

The Search for Alice in Wonderland Jungian Coaching
10 Jun 2019 0 Comments

The Search for Alice in Wonderland Jungian Coaching. Down the Rabbit Hole.

I have two passions in life. Helping dogs find new homes, and helping people find themselves. Today’s story is about people finding themselves.

I’ve been around the block a few times, as they say, so people ask me why, or how I seem to be so genuinely happy in life. I will share something I have shared with no one before. Now I admit that I think different than most, but I’m not…I hope … the Mad Hatter.  But, along with Alice and the Mad Hatter I also have been down the Rabbit Hole.

When talking to people who think they are a bit lost and seeking to find themselves I find that most people think that what they need and seek is happiness. They always think that happiness is something they will get from outside themselves. Truth is it’s not something “you get outside”. Also, happiness is not a one-time static thing either, its elusive, it’s dynamic.

I don’t mean to be a bubble buster, but truth is you also won’t find “you, or peace, or happiness, or whatever you are seeking” in a Yoga pose, or a meditation mantra, or a self-help book, or a healthy vegan dish, or even a journey to Tibet. Happiness isn’t out there. Here is the secret I learned sitting in the rabbit hole. What you are really seeking is “You” You think something is lost; something is missing in your life.

You think what’s missing is happiness. But what you are really missing, you already have. Now this is the Mad Hatter backwards stuff … you only find it when you stop seeking it, stop looking for it, and stop chasing it. What you seek is right here: it’s here today, not tomorrow, or some future day. What you seek, what you feel is missing in your life is already here: right this very moment. Stop looking up and stop looking out!

Also, you don’t “get it” you “feel it.” And, it’s not “an outside thing”, It’s an “inside discovery, an unearthing”.

You achieve and unearth it by going within, you go within your own “Psyche” You have to go in, and then down the rabbit hole, as did Alice. And, as did I. Yes, it’s a bit scary, but with someone to guide you, you will find what you seek. For what you truly seek, and what you must reunite with is only found deep within the mysterious dark hole of life. Or more accurately the WHOLE of life.

The Truth is that only when you connect and encounter the Nine Psychic Mysteries, as I see them, and become aware of your interrelated deep psychic self: your pretend outer ego, your societal personality, your subconscious, with its hidden secrets, your play the game of life group consciousness, and then meet your hidden anima, or animus will you finally meet … for the very first time your primitive self, and standing behind that your original Archetypal Being. Only when you peel away the nine layers of the onion or see the nine Veils drop will you find YOU.

Then, and only then will you find the long-elusive peace and happiness you seek. You will then realize that peace and happiness can never be gotten out there. And it cannot be found …because it is not lost.  Because what you sought never was out there, and it never was lost.

You will find that what you sought was not happiness or peace. What you felt missing was in truth, You. It always was you, and always will be you. At this moment, in this life, and all lives to come, there will always be you. That which you seek is YOU. You cannot lose it. For you have always been you, and you will always be you.  The amazing magical you.

The Search for Alice in Wonderland Jungian Coaching

Steve is a prior fortune 100 executive, now an author and Jungian coach. We all get lost once in a while. It is part of being human. It is part and parcel of trying to live a full life and juggle the tensions between our nine psyches. Steve helps humans understand their tensions, and with that find themselves: and that which they are searching for. 

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