The Seeding Greatness Foundation

The Seeding Greatness Foundation produced TEDx Dupree Park in Woodstock Georgia in 2020 and 2021. And TEDx Alexander Park in 2023.

At Seeding Greatness we believe that we are living in the best of times and the worst of times. There is beauty and opportunities all around us. And, there are significant challenges as well. But, the world is ready to shift to a new era of consciousness and a more enlightened way of finally living peacefully together on this big blue heart in Galaxies yet to be explored.

We know that when one cannot provide for their family, a society cannot provide for its family. When one child goes hungry, all children in this interwoven fabric of society are hungry. When one woman is abused, society is abused. But we also know that the seeds of greatness are in each of us, and through inspired ideas, we can, and will create a vibrant and flourishing world. Become a part of TED. Be all you were meant to be!

Great societies flourish when it’s elders plant trees they know they will never sit under

The Seeding Greatness Foundation

Seeding Greatness produced three TEDx events. TEDx Dupree Park in 2019 and 2020. And TEDx Alexander Park in 2023. TEDx events are live on-stage presentations from the brightest minds, presenting the best ideas worth sharing in live venues. Uplifting Ideas that educate and bring people together to create a kinder, more loving, and compassionate world. Steven via his TEDx events gathers the best ideas from the best minds across the globe and local communities., TEDx events seed greatness via ideas and thoughtful conversations. We plant and seed amazing ideas into fertile minds, hoping to grow a kinder, more loving, and compassionate world for today and our grandkids of tomorrow.