There is New Earth Out There


There is new earth out there. It is time to move beyond our archaic failing leadership model. Time to end the destructive system of Patriarchy and implement a Partnership System of leadership. equally Female & Male. It is named Gylany

Patriarchial Leadership

Patriarchal Leadership, sometimes called Androcracy, is today’s antiquated quickly collapsing Patriarchy leadership mindset { men over women}. It is an old-world archaic ruling system. It is catabolic energetic domination of one gender over the other. It creates an ego-dominated world of destruction and internal collapse It is competitive, fear-based, stern, conditional, doubting, bullying, manipulative, and self-promoting, possessing a dual either-or, ego-centric driven thinking. It sees itself separate, not one with the world. It thinks it is a single wave, not part of, and connected to the holistic ocean.

Patriarchy, is unsatiable and unsustainable, as it is rooted in fear, domination, a constant threat, and the use of force. In Jungian, it is our personality’s deepest and darkest shadow side. It is predominately activated in the catabolic energy left brain hemisphere thinking. It is that which is inside the Matrix. It is the Maya or form of life, not the formless essence of life.

A New Worlds Waiting


That new world is Gylany. It is no longer a dominator Patriarchy. It is Partnership. The new world is a male & female partnership. Gylany is the linking of men and women … equally leading society. It is an equal society of women & men. In partnership creating, designing, leading, managing, and nurturing, society. It is a higher all-inclusive liberal, liberty-focused leadership, higher consciousness governing system.

There is New Earth Out There

The new earth of Gylany is an energetic anabolic, expansive, fearless, empathic, unconditional, grateful, awe-inspired, flowing, experiential, open, conscious energy source of quantum thinking leadership.

Gylany leadership fosters the ability to engender conscious creative sustainable innovation, resulting in a tremendously positive influence on how social organizations grow in consciousness and evolve into the voices of all partnership members.

Each member of this new Gylany partnership world recognizes itself as a wave in the entire ocean. The brain of the New Earth is no longer created only from the left-thinking brain. But active in both hemispheres. In Dr. Jill Boltes’ NY Times best seller book “Whole Brain Living” she discusses her discovery of the human brain, having not just two brains but four brains. Humans can harness all four when we operate from both brain hemispheres, our feminine, and masculine. A world of both Yin & Yang. Feminine and masculine. A New Earth that is beyond the Impossible.

Gylany leadership is the New Earth’s consciousness. It is a world of four brains. Fully conscious masculine and feminine thinking.

And a fully consciousness earth and humanity with a purposeful human, not AI role. for every woman and man

Steven Monahan